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Full transparency: what you see is what we see

Expected offline channels to be opaque?Β Not with us. Access your dashboard and reports anytime. We'll never hide anything from you. Ever.
monitor your flyering campaign thanks to technology: gps and transparency

Transparency at the core

Follow your operations mission by mission thanks to GPS tracking, number of flyers distributed, check-in times, etc.

Meanwhile our operation teams can chat live with the Brand Ambassadors during their mission to ensure the best distribution proceedings.

Access your campaign data anytime

Confidently report on your campaign progress at any time: in a few clicks, access the number of missions completed, number of flyers distributed, and much more.

You can also monitor your budget spent mission after mission.
monitor your flyering campaign thanks to technology: access campaign data
monitor your flyering campaign thanks to technology: anti cheating

Stop worrying about the ops and the cheating

Thanks to performance incentives and mystery shoppers, we make sure your Ambassadors are the next best advocates for your brand - after your marketing team of course!

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