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Campaign Planning

No hassle, no friction. Not with us

Thanks to our unique technology and our dedicated operation teams around the globe, plan and launch your flyer distribution with little time and no headache
Plan your flyering campaign thanks to technology: map view

Scope & target: get the right eyes on your offer

The idea that you have to cast your net wide with offline marketing is outdated.

You know your prospects best: we use your insights about their habits and cross them with open source data as well as additional databases to get your offer in front of the relevant demographics.

We identify and target the best times and places to share your message with your target audience wherever they are, at home or out and about.

Brand Ambassadors: we only work with the best, so now you do too

We build your Brand Ambassadors A-team. You don't have to worry about selecting or vetting them, our operations team take care of it.

On D-Day, we make sure they are on point when it comes to your messaging thanks to in-app training.

They are incentivised via conversion. When you win, they win. And it makes them extra good at their mission.
Plan your flyering campaign thanks to technology: brand ambassador team
Plan your flyering campaign thanks to technology: best locations

Your campaign plan at a glance

What you know is what we know. Before the campaign starts, check where and when the flyer distribution will take place, with the roll-out plan displayed on a single page.

Planning and sharing an offline campaign with your colleagues has never been so easy.

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