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Let's be done with rule-of-thumb flyer marketing. Finally

We packed the platform with all the tools you need to track your offline marketing. Assessing the ROI of your promotional flyer campaigns has never been so easy.
track your flyering campaign thanks to technology: dashboard and kpi tracking

We swear by data-driven offline marketing and that's all we do

Your marketing budget is on the line. You deserve to be able to put a figure on your ROAS, even when running offline marketing campaigns.

That's why you can monitor all yours metrics at a glance on the platform.

Never thought you'd be able to measure the CPA, conversion rate and average redeem time of a flyer?

That's right, with Oppizi you are able to, along with 14 other KPIs.

Draw actionable insights from our dashboards

Not only can you assess your campaign performance with granularity but you can also uncover habits from your target audience, like what time and place they are most receptive to your offer.

Get a deep 360 understanding of your performance by slicing & dicing your data as you please.
Plan your flyering campaign thanks to technology: best locations

Let our algorithms do the heavy lifting

Thanks to machine learning, you can refine your targeting campaign after campaign, double down on what works and stop what doesn't.

Avoid the data-crunching headache, sit back and watch your CPA drop!

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