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When it comes to offline marketing, especially flyer distribution Oppizi does things a little differently than other agencies. With our data-driven flyers and innovative advertising campaigns, we can make sure that you will succeed at what you set out to do in no time!

  • Increase the Customer Base of Your Business
  • Elevate Brand Awareness
  • Campaign Level Tracking and Optimization
  • Dedicated Dashboard with GPS Tracking 
  • 360° Campaign Performance Analysis


Handing out flyers through our ambassadors can be beneficial for your business because they will have face-to-face interaction with your potential customers.


By targeting flyers to be delivered to a specific neighborhood where your focus audience live, your chances of making higher conversions.

Direct Mail

In order to catch the eye of potential customers, flyers can be customized with words that will resonate for them, and then mailed through postal service.

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Streamlined Process to Distribute Flyers in Naples

With years of experence we have mastered hassel free process to deliver flyers and pamphlets in Naples


1. Discovery

If you need to distribute flyers, please submit your contact information on our website, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.


2. On-Boarding

We will send you a proposal based on the information you submitted as soon as possible and then proceed with the on-boarding process.


3. Campaign Planning

We will work with you to determine your target audience and devise a plan for distributing your flyers.


4. Campaign Execution

We can provide you with a targeted mailing list for direct marketing. You could also choose to have one of our brand ambassadors distribute them.


5. Tracking & Optimization

The dashboard is an excellent tool for monitoring your campaign and ensuring that it is running effectively.


6. Results

Our built-in KPIs numbers more than 14 and these can help you improve your campaigns and make them more effective.


Types of Flyer Distribution

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Then you need to make sure your marketing materials are top-notch. And one of the best ways to do that is to use targeted flyer distribution.

Flyers are an incredibly versatile marketing tool. They can be used to promote sales, events, and special offers. And because they're easy to distribute, they can reach a wide audience.

Leaflets are a form of direct marketing, and are generally used to promote special offers or to raise awareness of a company or cause.

While leaflets are a great way to reach a large number of people with your message, it is important to remember that they are a very low-cost form of marketing.

A pamphlet is a type of literature that is typically used to promote a cause or share information about an issue. Pamphlets are often distributed by hand or through the mail, and they are usually shorter in length than a brochure or an article.

Pamphlets are a great way to get information out to the public about a certain topic. They are easy to read and usually don't take too long to read through.

Need help in deciding the best channel?

Why Oppizi flyer distribution service?

Flyers are a fantastic way to take people's attention when you are constrained by budget and want to focus a highly targeted audience that’s hard using digital ads. They work when combining attractive visuals and captivating words to tell the viewer what you are selling.

Oppizi provides cost-effective and dependable offline marketing solutions for businesses looking to establish themselves in Naples. Offline advertising is our specialty - distributing flyers has been the cornerstone of our success since day one. So when you go with Oppizi, know that your message is going straight to where it needs to be - reaching the people who need it most.

Oppizi is all about transparency when it comes to our products. Utilizing the latest technology innovations in the industry help our clients measure offline marketing campaigns and evaluate them just as accurately as any other online advertising tool would.

Our company's success depends on our extensive research of the offline marketing industry. With this knowledge, we'll know exactly how to go about your campaign. No matter if you're looking for an affordable but long-lasting marketing strategy or something that will cost less upfront, we'll find a way to meet your needs with our targeted flyer distribution services.

If you are just starting out in your industry, finding new ways to reach potential clients may seem daunting. But with Oppizi’'s assistance, it becomes an easy task because we bridge the gap between old and tried-and-true methods as well as upcoming technologies—all while providing a strong flyer distribution system which yields quick results.

There are many effective methods for off-line marketing. One way is fliers which are cheap and produce fantastic results. They work well through approaches such as handing out flyers in person, going door to door or mailing them. Oppizi has been around for nearly 7 years so you know you can trust our fliers to bring in new customers - we have done it before!

How important is flyer distribution for your business?

A business will be successful with flyer marketing if it finds a distributor who can reach the widest possible audience. They'll then be able to advertise their products and services effectively.

It may be true that leaflets are often used as a form of advertising- but even so, they're still one of the cheapest and most popular ways to advertise!

Please contact us if you need flyers delivered. We are happy to provide our services so that your flyer can be found by the right person quickly and easily.

Don't let a limited budget stop you from advertising! With Oppizi, it's easy for small businesses to distribute flyers and other promotional material in order to find new clients faster. First decide who your ideal customer is so we can take advantage of the right marketing technique while still meeting all deadlines.

It's imperative to identify the perfect audience before distributing flyers. Where do they live? What are some of their interests? Once you figure this out, construct a game plan for getting those flyers in front of them.

Flyers definitely is a cheap offline marketing option, but they aren't without cost either. Much like any other form of advertising, there are expenses when it comes to flyers as well.  If you don't set your budget correctly, then you risk making all your efforts go down the drain.

What is your goal with this flyer? Do you want people to come see what you're doing, or do you need them for something else entirely? How effective the distribution of flyers will be depends on how well-defined your message is.

Flyers are an effective way to let people know about your products or services so long as the information provided is thorough and attention-grabbing. When someone stops and asks questions about what they see on your flyers, then you can tell that these flyers were successful because they drew in a prospective customer closer to your business.

Laser-Targeted Flyer Distribution Campaigns to Expand Customer Base, Boost Sales, & Scale Up Your  Business

Grow your business

Laser-targeted flyer delivery campaigns to expand customer base, boost sales, & scale up your  business

Here are the top reasons why flyer distribution is effective for businesses in Naples

Highly affordable

With the plethora of ads we see every day, it is easy to forget about investing in offline advertising for areas like Naples. However, with our affordable but highly effective flyer distribution service, people will be able to find your brand’s offerings easier than ever before.

Snappy lead generation

It goes without saying that Flyers are one of the most effective marketing methods available. Whether you're advertising a product, service or even an event; flyers are always up there with some of the best options available because they're so easy to distribute - whether for mass production or last minute emergencies.

Creativity and tangibility

A wonderful way to generate quality leads is by getting ready with creative flyers. When flyers are appealing, your prospects will take them home and share it with some of their friends or family members they know. Doing this improves the reach of your campaign even more.


"At Uber Eats, we have ambitious growth targets in both our established markets and in our new territories. Oppizi helps us to reach those targets thanks to their scalability and reach across the UK and Ireland."

Valerie Voloboy, Operations Manager


"The Oppizi team had a great understanding of our product-market fit and the lay of the land, scheduling effective days and times in all the right spots."

Allie Mairs, Country Manager


"Oppizi is at the top and bottom of the acquisition funnel at the same time. You not only raise brand awareness but also convert well."

Douglas Toy, CMO Australia


"It’s pleasant to have a turnkey service with you - No time is lost, Oppizi handles everything and takes care of the planning with a lot of propositions, it’s very sleek!"

Amandine Plas, Chief Marketing Officer


“Oppizi's technology offers a new dimension to offline marketing as everything is managed online via an application and a platform.”

Arthur Vappereau, Operational Marketing Manager


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