Available in 28 cities across Australia, DiDi is a reliable ride hailing service founded in 2018. DiDi strives to provide a fair, and most importantly, safe service to both its customers and drivers. After its launch, DiDi paired with Oppizi to infiltrate the market.

Appel à la croissance

New to a saturated market, DiDi needed to create a name for itself within the market and stand out against other rideshare brands. At that time, DiDi was a lesser-known company, so they sought to bolster their brand awareness whilst capturing a portion of the market and establishing themselves in Australia.

Solution Oppizi

The transportation industry is a very competitive market, and DiDi needed to acquire customers quickly and efficiently. By using Oppizi’s online-to-offline marketing solutions, DiDi was not only able to substantially increase its brand awareness but easily convert customers in cities across Australia. Upon launching the campaign, Oppizi worked closely with the client to surpass the goals set for the campaign and establish an efficient customer acquisition solution.


Valeur livrée

Since beginning work with DiDi, we have delivered over 5.5 million flyers on their behalf, drawing in over 165,000 new customers across five cities. Flyer distribution and offline marketing have once again proved their power.


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