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For over a decade Getaround has been a frontrunner in the car sharing world, carving out a name for itself thanks to its quality and devotion to customer service. Previously known as Drivy, the application has simplified transportation services. Getaround combined online marketing with Oppizi’s offline services to increase customer acquisition.

Appel à la croissance

Getaround was on a mission to drive audience growth and improve cost per acquisition (CPA). The company’s team came to the conclusion that offline marketing was the best course of action, and therefore, they came to Oppizi.

Solution Oppizi

After a thorough analysis of their needs and online campaigns, Oppizi implemented a large-scale plan in London: a campaign targeting 200+ locations for 8 weeks. In addition, Getaround decided to scale the offline customer acquisition campaign in Paris and in Brussels. Oppizi also launched a door hanger campaign with a twist; instead of handing out flyers randomly, Oppizi conceptualized dropping door hangers on the handles of parked cars.


Valeur livrée

To date, more than 3,000 first time users of the Getaround marketplace were acquired through Oppizi. What’s more, as stated by Mathilde Robelin, Head of Marketing, we have sliced Getaround’s offline CPA by 70%.


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