Hand to hand flyer distribution in Christchurch

Give a long-lasting impression to your prospects to boost your acquisition and activation in the streets of Christchurch. We provide you with a turnkey solution to launch your promotional flyering campaigns: we recruit, vet and train your Brand Ambassadors, plan your campaign and identify the best flyer distribution spots in order to have you reach your objectives.

Letterbox distribution in Christchurch

Your message can now reach your prospect directly in their home. Thanks to our door to door flyer and leaflet distribution campaigns, you can organise the targeted distribution of letterbox drops in targeted postcodes and neighbourhoods around Christchurch. We handle everything from planning to distribution, to help you cover broader areas.

Direct mail flyering in Christchurch

Deliver a timely and custom message to your prospects and customers anywhere in New Zealand. Our campaigns are nationwide and allow you to integrate offline marketing to your lifecycle marketing campaigns seamlessly.

  • One single point of contact
  • We take care of your flyer, leaflet and pamphlet printing
  • We manage the operations of your flyering from A to Z
  • All the flexibility you need to ensure optimum results