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3 Effective Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business
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3 Effective Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

April 7, 2021
Nicolas de Resbecq
General Manager Europe
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What’s that saying? “More money, more problems.” And it’s true, to a certain extent. If you have the biggest marketing budget going, you can throw money every which way to see what sticks, without much thought, but with smaller marketing budgets, you have to be a little more creative and open to new ideas.

Creativity can help you stand out from the crowd; plus, saving money and reaping fantastic results is undoubtedly a win in anyone’s book? So while you straighten your best thinking cap, we’re sharing some budget-friendly marketing ideas to help you boost your brand awareness, engage your audience, and get better results for smaller investments.

1. Put time and effort into collecting reviews

Collecting reviews can be time-consuming, but it’s free, and you can’t argue with free. But the time it takes you to collect them is worth it. Why bother collecting reviews? Well, because 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. And what’s even more encouraging is that according to Podium, 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decision.

The same research also found that 77% of people would be willing to leave a review if asked — so get asking!

3 low-budget marketing ideas for your small business

Extra tip: Don’t just ask once and be done. Collecting reviews should play a permanent part in your customer’s purchasing journey. Consider investing in review management software so you can build automatic review emails into your buyer’s journey.

2. Optimise old blog content

In addition to creating new content for your audience to consume, don’t rule out optimising old blog content. Updating old content means Google will crawl your site more often without having to create new content constantly. David Schneider, co-founder of Ninja Outreach, saw a 40% increase in organic traffic after optimising old blog posts.

In Google Search Console, select ‘performance’ from the left-hand menu and filter results by ‘pages’. This will show you clicks and impressions for each page of your site. Export this data and make your way through the blog posts with the highest impressions, highest click-through rates, and focus on the blogs that are ranked between pages one and 30 on Google. To optimise your content, update the piece with relevant information, conduct new keyword research, and replace your call-to-action.

3. Consider measurable offline marketing tactics

Flyer distribution, car hangers, direct mail — all these offline marketing tactics don’t cost as much as you’d think. And coupled with incredible reach (we’re talking in the millions) and access to smart technology, you can track every inch of your leaflet campaign. Plus, there’s no budget wastage due to pause/stop functionality within the campaign dashboards; you’re in complete control of your purse strings.

Wondering why you should consider flyer distribution? Here are four ways flyer marketing can actually compete with online marketing.  

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