Who is the best flyer distributor in New Zealand?

Businesses across New Zealand are turning towards flyer distribution to grow their audiences – but why? Flyer distribution is a personal and tangible way to reach prospects. Henceforth, rather than spending money on digital ads that reap no reward, marketers choose the tried and tested method to increase brand awareness. 

Selecting the right flyer distribution company can be challenging; you need to know if they’re trustworthy, professional, and at the top of their game. In New Zealand, one company has all of these traits and more, and we’d like to celebrate their success.


For 25 years, REACH has established itself as an architect that designs and creates bonds between businesses and customers. The company, which has adopted a digitally-led strategy, specializes in producing powerful offline marketing campaigns, including direct mail, sampling, and smart letterbox. What’s more, every one of its services is carried out sustainably! 


REACH has changed the face of the industry. No other company in New Zealand has offerings or connections like REACH; for example, the company can distribute to 1.4 million letterboxes weekly! So, if you want to ‘reach’ an audience across New Zealand, REACH is the company to go for. Additionally, REACH is home to over 5,000 Walkers – its professional team of flyer distributors. This means that your flyers will be distributed quickly and efficiently without you needing to lift a finger. 

Committed to sustainability, REACH strives to prioritize the environment, with its primary goal being to create a better place. Some of its current initiatives include waste reduction through recycling; water consumption reduction; utilizing a 100% carbon-zero renewable energy company and LEDs; and environmentally friendly purchasing. 


REACH focuses only on New Zealand. Whilst this is great for local and small businesses in the nation, this may be an issue for those who want to expand their reach internationally. It does, however, mean that the campaigns REACH creates are highly targeted, as they wholeheartedly know and understand their audience!

Three tips for selecting a service provider

With this in mind, when it comes to choosing a flyer distribution company, you must take certain aspects into account. As with REACH, you need to consider where your campaign will be taking place because, as previously mentioned, they only cover New Zealand. 

Here are three things you should take note of when choosing your provider:

  1. Your target audience: Do you know where your audience is located? Do you know how to connect with them? If not, then you need to understand your target audience, as this is crucial to selecting a distributor and channel that will effectively reach and engage with your market. 
  2. Distribution methods: Evaluate the services on offer. Consider their geographic coverage, distribution channels (e.g. hand to hand, door to door, or direct mail), and tracking methods. Look for distributors that align with your goals and can maximize the visibility of your flyers.
  3. References and reputation: Is your preferred distributor reputable? Take the time to research and gather information about your distributor. Focus on reviews, testimonials, and case studies to assess their reliability, professionalism, and efficacy. Choosing a trustworthy provider can take your campaign to the next level.
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New Zealand is a nation full of culture, natural beauty, and ingenuity. REACH not only embraces these elements but has grown to understand them fully. As such, the company creates marketing campaigns relevant to the island’s residents, whether through direct mail or social media content. 

It is important to note that REACH has paved the way for others in the New Zealand market and has done this while remaining true to its own identity and values. Consequently, we celebrate REACH and its achievements over the past two and a half decades!

Shelly Parker