Tech Release W25 - Mobile

August 21, 2021
Tech Team

New Feature

New referral feature is now available. Invite your friends right in the app easily and earn bonuses together!
All you need to do is:

  1. Open an Earn More screen and press โ€œSearch using my Contactsโ€
  2. Allow Contacts permission
  3. Choose a friend you want to invite from the list of your contacts and send to him an invitation via any messenger you like.
  4. Wait until your friend signups as a Brand Ambassador and completes the needed quantity of leaflet distributions.
  5. Follow the flyers distribution progress in the app.
  6. Receive your bonuses once your friend completes the missions.


[App] Added support for programmed letterbox missions, which will be uneditable for the Brand Ambassador.


[App] Brand Ambassadors wonโ€™t get the โ€œMissions publishedโ€ mobile notification if they already have a booked mission for this time.


[App] Improved UI/UX of โ€œMy Missionโ€ screens in the mobile app, fixed minor visual issues.


[App] Stabilised work of the third party services to prevent issues with displaying the mission invoice.

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