Getaround uses Oppizi for offline acquisitions

Getaround combines online marketing with flyer distribution to get more customers

The Results

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Getaround, formerly Drivy in 2018, was looking for new customer acquisition channels to support their UK launch. After a thorough analysis of their needs and online campaigns, Oppizi implemented a large scale plan in London: a campaign targeting 200+ locations during 8 weeks. 

Soon after, Getaround decided to scale the offline customer acquisition campaign in Paris and in Brussels. Each quarter, Getaround replicates a similar large-scale customer acquisition campaign in the UK, allowing them to capitalise on Oppizi’s algorithm to improve their CPA (cost per acquisition). To date, more than 3,000 first time users of the marketplace were acquired through Oppizi.

Oppizi helped Getaround attract new customers to their peer-to-peer marketplace.

In parallel, Getaround launched car owners acquisition campaigns to meet the demand and to spread the word about their newly developed technology “Getaround Connect”. Instead of handing out flyers randomly, Oppizi conceptualised the following strategy: dropping door hangers on the handles of parked cars. It is the most effective way to target car owners. After some iterations, Oppizi designed a unique and tailor-made door hang flyer that was printable and trackable with unique codes and designed to be hung on car door handles.

Over the years, Oppizi managed to reduce our offline CPA by 70% becoming one of our most important acquisition channels in the UK.

Mathilde Robelin, Head of Marketing @ Getaround

Getaround flyer distribution