ClassPass is the largest health club aggregator, maintaining over 30,000 health clubs across 28 countries. From Canada to Singapore, ClassPass provides access to a range of exercise facilities and classes both on and offline. ClassPass chose Oppizi to carry out campaigns across five Australian cities.

Llamamiento al crecimiento

ClassPass’ objective was to increase membership on its app, expand brand awareness, and obtain substantial growth. ClassPass concluded that offline marketing, a tactile and tangible form of communication, would be a fantastic way to connect with customers. As such, the company chose to utilize Oppizi’s offline marketing channels to generate meaningful results.

Solución Oppizi

Oppizi was in charge of developing the strategy in collaboration with ClassPass, and throughout this time, we provided the ClassPass team with insights and recommendations on formats and best practices. In addition, ClassPass were able to track, monitor, and optimize their strategy in real-time thanks to our easy-to-use dashboard that displays 14 critical KPIs! ‍


Valor entregado

By partnering with Oppizi for a four-week campaign across Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K., ClassPass attracted over 350 new customers. Furthermore, ClassPass achieved a conversion rate of 1.25% and a cost per acquisition (CPA) under $35. In essence, flyer distribution proved, once again, to be an exceptional tool for client acquisition and brand awareness.

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