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Oppizi has been providing the best flyer distribution services for businesses in Wellington so that their messages reach the right audience with maximum impact.

Our cutting-edge analytics will ensure that your business grows and reaches its maximum potential while staying up-to-date with the latest offline marketing trends in the industry.

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¡Utilice nuestra avanzada herramienta de creación de folletos para producir folletos de apariencia profesional sin costos exorbitantes!


Organizaremos la impresión de sus folletos para que pueda confiar en que serán de alta calidad.


Nuestros amigables embajadores de marca entregarán sus folletos al público.

100% Transparente 100% Transparente
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¿Por qué el servicio de entrega de folletos de Oppizi?

Flyers are a great means of advertising offline. A popular tactic is to use attention-catching graphics and persuasive messages to reel in potential customers who are your future customers. It  has been shown time and time again that this technique does bring about success to businesses.

Oppizi offers cheap and reliable offline marketing solutions for companies looking to expand their business in the city of Wellington. By distributing flyers strategically throughout the city, we’re able to ensure that your message reaches people who truly care about it.

We believe in true transparency. With our sophisticated software, we ensure that each and every one of our clients are able to evaluate the success of their flyer marketing campaigns – through both digital means or otherwise – and make corrections as needed so they can grow exponentially.

Your success is dependent on our investment in research and development. This is how we track every step of the way when it comes to distributing flyers, because even a single slip-up could produce less than satisfactory results for you. Allowing us to take care of everything from start to finish means that you won’t have anything else to worry about while trusting us with your distribution campaign; so stop worrying and let us do what we do best!

You can count on us to make your dream a reality. Our leaflet distribution process is designed so that you know what happens every step of the way and everything will be tracked closely – all while maintaining a smooth transition from offline advertising technology to digital marketing tools.

With different methods of flyer distribution available, there are many opportunities for you to reach your target market and make them aware of your products. Some methods are direct mail campaigns, door-to-door distribution and handing out flyers in person. Having been around for over 7 years now, Oppizi has the expertise needed to put together an effective campaign for you so don’t hesitate to contact us!

¿Qué importancia tiene la distribución de folletos para su negocio?

When businesses can find a good distribution company for sending out their flyers, they have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience and get their products or services out there in a way that works best for achieving their goals.

There’s no denying that flyer distribution, a centuries-old form of marketing, is still popular today despite the age of this marketing strategy. Flyers are still relevant and inexpensive for advertising to specific audiences or spreading messages through an easily accessible tangible medium, they’re also fast and simple enough to reach thousands of people in a matter of a few days.

Don’t let a tight budget keep you from promoting yourself to potential customers! With Oppizi, small businesses can find an easy way to advertise themselves through leaflet distribution. You just need to think about who your target customer base is and what goals you want to reach – then, we’ll do the work for getting your flyers delivered to the right person at the right time.

Seamless process to distribute flyers in Wellington


Cuando desee distribuir folletos, contáctenos para programar una llamada, ¡o nos comunicaremos con usted dentro de las 24 horas!


Realizaremos una consulta detallada con usted para crear una propuesta detallada para su campaña.

Planificación de campaña

Trabajaremos con usted para determinar su público objetivo y dónde distribuir sus folletos.

Ejecución de campaña

Entregaremos sus folletos a su grupo demográfico objetivo utilizando los mejores canales de distribución.

Seguimiento y optimización

Puede realizar un seguimiento de su campaña y asegurarse de que se ejecute sin problemas a través de nuestro panel en tiempo real.


Nuestros más de 14 KPI preestablecidos lo ayudarán a identificar áreas de mejora y optimizar sus campañas para lograr la máxima efectividad.

Preguntas frecuentes

Sí. Oppizi ofrece un servicio de distribución de folletos de principio a fin. Esto incluye diseño, impresión, planificación de campañas y entrega al segmento de audiencia adecuado.
Son nuestros embajadores de marca examinados quienes distribuyen sus folletos. Puede rastrear sus movimientos dentro del área de distribución y obtener actualizaciones en tiempo real sobre la cantidad de folletos distribuidos.
Por supuesto, te enviaremos un informe completo con los detalles sobre las métricas específicas que pueden ayudarte a realizar un seguimiento de tu ROAS.
Sí. Le proporcionaremos acceso a un panel dedicado que muestra el seguimiento por GPS, la cantidad de folletos distribuidos, los horarios de check-in, etc.
Sí. Podemos trabajar con su equipo y habilitar la integración API, lo que le ayudará a transferir los datos a su CRM existente.

Descubra los beneficios de la tecnología Oppizi

Connect with potential customers across Wellington, with Oppizi. We use technology to help you pinpoint when, where, and how your flyer distribution campaign should run, so you’ll never miss out on reaching the right people.

  • Dirígete a tu audiencia con precisión.
  • Produzca campañas relevantes y rastreables.
  • Generate leads across Wellington with ease.