Looking for delicious Italian food? Then Eataly’s the place to be. Eataly strives to provide a place to eat, shop, and learn about authentic Italian cuisine. After all, good food brings people together! Eataly worked with Oppizi to launch a customer acquisition and brand awareness campaign within 500m of their new Parisian Street Market.

Llamamiento al crecimiento

In December 2020, Eataly opened its new street market in Paris, La Piazzetta. The opening of a new metro station at the front entrance was supposed to guarantee busy crowds. Unfortunately, its inauguration was delayed, and the team had to find another way to attract people to the market. The Eataly team had always been curious about flyering and wanted to give it a go, despite one previous disappointing experience with a door to door campaign.

Solución Oppizi

Here the goal was very specific: attract passers-by to the street market through an ultra-targeted hand to hand campaign in the neighboring areas. It was vital that the campaign was carried out without being detrimental to conversion and return on investment (ROI), as these two KPIs were fundamental in measuring the success of the campaign.


Valor entregado

The campaign launched with immediate success; the offer featured on the leaflet triggered a conversion rate of around 30%. However, the kitchen operations couldn’t cope with the high demand, so we had to adapt the offer promptly. The decision was made to pivot from offering a complimentary beverage to a discount, resulting in a comfortable conversion rate above 3%. Thanks to the real-time monitoring of performance and the ability to reprint flyers fast to change the offer, the Eataly team was able to make the campaign a success and smash their initial goals.

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