November 2023’s top marketing news & insights

Uncover trends and ignite strategies - November 2023 marketing news

Welcome to November’s marketing news, where the latest insights and developments in the marketing world take center stage. Discover the trends reshaping SEO strategies, the impact of AI on content creation, and flyer distribution tips!

Snapchat launches a new tool to facilitate creator collaborations with brands

Snapchat has introduced a range of tools for creators and brands to collaborate more effectively. One of the key developments is ‘Paid Partnership Tags’ – a way to showcase that posts are sponsored. The motivation behind such a tool is to enhance transparency, as verified creators can tag official businesses when posting on Snapchat.

Snapchat launches a new tool to facilitate creator collaborations with brands

Moreover, Snapchat’s Creator Marketplace is undergoing an expansion, and midrolls are coming into play for creator Stories as a new ad placement option. To explore the Snapchat update in more detail, head to Social Media Today!

Seven ways to increase sales with flyer distribution

Distribución de folletos

Mixing flyer distribution into your strategy can be a game-changer for increasing sales. In our blog, Seven ways to increase sales with flyer distribution, we uncover practical strategies to harness the power of this traditional marketing tool. Dive into expert insights and innovative techniques to effectively leverage flyers, elevate your sales, and maximize growth. Check it out aquí.

ChatGPT extends voice functionality to the free version of the app

In a bold move, ChatGPT has extended its voice functionality to all free users, hoping to empower content creators and search marketers in content and voice search optimization. Indeed, previously exclusive to subscribers, the latest update allows users to use voice commands by clicking a headphones icon.

ChatGPT Introduces voice features to free version of the app

Search Engine Journal covered the update in greater detail, so for more information, read their post OpenAI Announces Free ChatGPT Voice Capabilities In Mobile App.

Ally Financial’s generative AI experiment reduces marketing busywork is the latest large language model to capture attention. Ally’s research has uncovered the AI application’s impact on marketing, and as a result Ally has announced its intentions to scale the proprietary AI, particularly for crucial sectors like banking.

Ally Financial's AI tool reduces marketing busywork demonstrated efficiency by generating article drafts from podcast transcripts, slashing work time from four hours to one with AI assistance. Further, has uses for content creation, video scripts, and SEO. Learn more aquí

Fix technical issues before ‘chasing the next big thing’

Google team recommends fixing fundamentals before implementing advanced strategies

“If Googlebot cannot reach your site, or rendering fails miserably, or there are no tokens (words) on the site or a page, then there’s not that much that Google can do for you,” stated Gary Illyes in a recent podcast. 

Google’s Search Relations team, comprising Martin Splitt, Gary Illyes, and John Mueller, have stressed the importance of foundational SEO aspects like site crawlability and indexing in the Search Off The Record podcast. Neglecting these basics leads to critical issues affecting website performance in search results. 

The team urges focusing on user engagement and content quality, adding that serving users’ needs is vital. For more key Search Off The Record moments, click here.

That’s all for November. Keep an eye out for the next edition of marketing news!