Why does Oppizi offer brand ambassador bonuses?

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Motivation is the source of success. Professionalism is a symptom of motivation. At Oppizi, we strive to maintain high morale among our brand ambassadors – the team devoted to distributing your flyers – as it culminates in greater results and a positive experience for everyone involved. 

One way that we incentivize our brand ambassadors is through the highly unique brand 

ambassador bonus. But what is this ‘bonus’, and why do we offer it? Read on to find out!

The brand ambassador bonus

At Oppizi, we motivate our brand ambassadors to provide exceptional service to our clients by rewarding them with bonuses for achieving specific results, such as signing up new clients. This encourages our ambassadors to learn the client’s pitch and assist potential clients with the sign-up process. As a result, this leads to higher conversions and an enhanced overall campaign experience for our clients.

The brand ambassador bonus can be included as part of your overall campaign cost and is completely optional – but it’s something that we’d recommend as it has consistently generated excellent results! 

How much is the brand ambassador bonus?

The cost of the brand ambassador bonus depends on your campaign; however, we can provide some estimates:

  • Under $1 (USD) per new customer if your product is mainstream and your vertical’s conversion ratio is high (e.g., one-off orders, the demand side of SaaS, etc.)
  • Up to $10 (USD) per new customer if your average basket is expensive and customers are more difficult to convert (e.g. subscription-based platform, the supply side of SaaS, and so on.)

As you can see, there is a significant range as to how much the bonus can cost – but don’t worry, as we prioritize transparency. If you opt into the financial incentives, you’ll be kept in the loop throughout your journey with us, so there will be no surprises. 

Why we offer brand ambassador bonuses

We offer performance-based bonuses to our brand ambassadors to encourage them to work their hardest. Moreover, the ambassadors choose which campaigns they want to take on, and – to put it bluntly – the bonus is the primary draw for their selection. They receive a reward for each successful sign-up, which motivates them to fully understand the product and help potential customers through the sign-up process. 

At Oppizi, we prioritize accurate representation of your brand. Our training sessions, evaluations, monitoring procedures, and bonus system ensure that our brand ambassadors are pitching your product correctly and representing your brand in the best possible way. 

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Currently, we do not offer the possibility to reward ambassadors with affiliation or revenue share. However, our testing has consistently proved that the bonus is the best way forward; we’ve run multiple AB tests showing that the bonus positively impacts results. It increases conversions and, as a result, decreases cost per acquisition. 

Indeed, whilst the brand ambassador bonus isn’t a requirement, we implore you to consider it as not only does it benefit the ambassadors, but also benefits you!

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