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Testimonials from Brands Ambassadors

I have worked for oppizi for over 6 months and it’s been such a great experience for me because of the flexibility it provides me. All the staff are very friendly and understanding, and I’ve had the opportunity of knowing some amazing people. I would definitely recommend oppizi to a friend.


Brand Ambassador Sydney
Working as a brand ambassador for Oppizi has been a great experience. As a university student, I am able to manage and balance my work and study times easily. In addition, the interaction with people makes it really nice and enjoyable job.


Brand Ambassador Melbourne
I have been working with Oppizi for around 3 months and I find the job very
convenient in terms of flexibility. It is very well paid and I can choose my own schedule depending on my own availability which can be changed weekly. It is a good opportunity to earn some extra money at your own convenience.


Brand Ambassador Brisbane
Starting at oppizi four months ago, I have been very happy working here as it allows me to work and study simultaneously. The work is fun but also pays well, allowing me to live the life I want as well as save. I feel really comfortable working here and have made many good friends all from different nationalities which is great!


Brand Ambassador Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become Brand Ambassador?
It’s easy, click on the link to the App Store or Google Play to download the Brand Ambassador App.

Once on your phone, signup, fill the correct details. On operator will reach out to you on your phone very soon to verify your identity and other details. Once you get verified, you will be able to use the app and start making money!

I downloaded the app, signup, but I still can't use it?
To use the app an operator needs to verify your identity. Be patient you will receive a call very soon.
Do I need any equipment for the job?

Only your smart-phone!

The marketing materials will be provided by the clients.

Is it a flexible job?
Totally, you decide when you work, you’re the boss!