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Let us help you get your brand’s message out to a larger audience with door hangers and flyer marketing campaigns that deliver the results you seek. We conduct market research and analysis to develop highly effective flyer distribution campaigns that achieve optimum reach while saving you money. At Oppizi, we help businesses increase income, reduce expenses and operate more efficiently.

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Fyers can be an effective offline marketing method for businesses seeking higher interaction from potential customers who have a high probability of converting. This is why many businesses rely on flyers for attracting customers who prefer tangible offline marketing materials.

They are efficient but only when they reach the right hands. To ensure that your door hangers and flyers reach the correct potential customers, you should use a flyer distribution company like Oppizi, which is known for laser targeting its customers with precision.

With Oppizi, you’ll not only save money on flyer distribution, but we’ll also get your flyers in the hands of the right people. Our brand ambassadors will also establish your company as someone who provides real value, thereby magnetising more potential customers from the crowd than those who are not likely to take your products and services seriously.

A good flyer distribution campaign is one that is executed flawlessly and professionally. We ensure perfection in our work by directing our professional experience towards making your flyer distribution campaign a hit. But of course, only if you allow us to.

If you need a flyer distributor who can deliver your flyers to the right people using future-thinking distribution methods, Oppizi has got you covered.

Why Oppizi flyer distribution service?

If you intend to grab attention and persuade people to choose your products or services, flyers and door hangers are the most effective advertising campaign tools you shouldn’t discount.

Need to advertise your business through offline marketing channels? Oppizi flyers distribution services can offer you a cost effective, efficient way to do so.

Oppizi is revolutionising offline marketing by providing brands with digital insight needed to make their offline marketing efforts truly effective. By offering full transparency in flyer distribution service, we’re providing a solution that will change the future of offline marketing forever.

In a digitised world, offline marketing is becoming increasingly relevant. But it needs to be done differently. Oppizi helps brands take their offline marketing to the next level by incorporating planning, monitoring and tracking features that’s truly unheard of in the offline marketing industry. Our aim is to bridge the gap that makes people think offline marketing is the thing of the past.

Oppizi flyer distribution service helps you get your message in front of the right people at a minimal cost. With our hand to hand, door to door, and direct mail marketing methods, your message will get delivered right into the hands of your prospects without giving any chance of manipulation or distortion.

With nine years of experience and cutting-edge solutions that are unmatched in the industry, Oppizi offers complete flyer distribution services for your business. We do everything for you starting from planning, implementing, monitoring, tracking and measuring ROI, so you don’t have to worry about a thing about flyer advertising.

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Types of flyer distribution

Flyer distribution service

Flyer distribution can help you spread the word about your business to a large, scattered audience. That’s why we aim for high-traffic locations for your leaflet and flyer distribution, which will provide the most exposure for your flyers and increase your brand awareness.

When it comes to brand recall and emotional impact, paper-based content and advertisements have an advantage over digital content. Tangible marketing material like door hangers and flyers connect with the audience in ways that are not possible with digital content.

People are craving real-world experiences because they have been spending too muchtime in front of the screens. To capitalise on this trend, businesses should include flyer distribution on top of the list of their offline marketing strategies.

Despite the prevalence of digital advertising, most consumers still prefer to make purchasing decisions in person. That’s why in spite of the digital landscape being crowded with messages, flyers are still a powerful way to reach people inreal life.

At Oppizi, we’ve developed a digital platform that can give you insights about your door hangers and flyer distribution like a digital channel. This means you can identify what works and scale your campaign based on actual results. Don’tignore flyer distribution as a yester-year marketing practice – it may be just what your brand might need to stand out from the competitors.

Plan your flyer advertising campaign

Oppizi’s flyer distribution services help you reach the people who matter most to your business. Our team combines your insights about the target audience with our on-the-ground experience to plan a customised flyer advertising campaign that packages your message vividly to your audience by meeting them in places they visit most often at the right time.

Additionally, we have enlisted brand ambassadors who are outgoing and enjoy meeting people; their positive personalities will be reflected in your company’s image. We are committed to ensuring your brand’s first interaction with prospective customers remains memorable.

With so many important business aspects to take care of, we know you can better utilise your time than wasting it on finding brand ambassadors who will deliver the flyers. Our process for identifying strong brand ambassadors guarantees that your flyers are with the best people who care and vouch for your business.

Our user-friendly dashboard makes campaign planning a snap, as you can share it with your colleagues, so they are aware of the roll-out plans. We’ll distribute flyers at all the locations you specify on whichever days you need.

Monitoring you campaigns

Our GPS tracking system lets you know where exactly your brand ambassadors are at the time of flyer distribution, so you can monitor their progress and ensure that they are meeting the expectations you’ve set.

Throughout your campaign, we are always there to help you make real-time course corrections. Our operations team is available for you via live chat and are in constant touch with the brand ambassadors. This way, your feedback and requirements can be taken care of immediately with any delay whatsoever.

Our campaign monitoring dashboard is a treasure trove of useful information. Here, you can discover all facts and figures regarding your campaign’s progress.

With just a few clicks, you can see how many missions have been completed, how many flyers have been distributed, and how much more needs to be done. You can also keep track of your budget spending mission after mission, so you can always stay on top of your campaign’s finances and make adjustments as needed.

Oppizi will always be honest and transparent with you. We give you complete access to the dashboard and reports anytime, so you’re always in the loop. We promise not to hide anything from you as your trust is everything for us.

Track campaign performance real-time

You can now give up on outdated flyer-marketing techniques because we have blended the best of both the offline and digital world to breathe life into a new form of performance tracking, which will take into account the Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Offline marketing campaigns require accurate data regarding the ROAS, which will decide the future course of action. With Oppizi’s single window platform, you get all the vital campaign metrics to calculate your ROAS with pinpoint precision.

With Oppizi, you can measure KPIs like CPA, conversion rate, and average redemption time of flyers. We give you 14 unique KPIs to ensure that your flyer distribution campaigns run smoothly and efficiently.

Our dashboards provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour that can help you optimise your flyer distribution campaigns. By studying consumer habits and other patterns, you can reckon the method, time and place that give the maximum results for your flyer distribution campaign.

Our advanced algorithm will help you double down on offline marketing strategies that are most effective by analysing past campaign data. Oppizi does this using the Machine Learning capabilities integrated within the algorithms that track and assess your campaign performances. We aim to help you focus on techniques that are really moving the needle for your business and producing the desired results.

Flyer Distribution Guide

For decades, flyers have been an effective way to advertise, whether you’re launching a new business or looking for new customers. Some of the reasons for the popularity of flyers are affordability, ease of creation and effectiveness when delivered to the right audience.

While many businesses have embraced the digital age technologies and are using them to promote their products and services, offline marketing materials like flyers still get people excited because a lot of online marketing activities have merely turned into a distraction for a majority of the internet users.

When you’re designing a flyer for distribution, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want it to look good and also be legible and clear. Though it may seem uncomplicated, it’s easier said than done.

Most businesses make the mistake of stuffing text, images and a lot of colours in their flyers, making them look clumsy in the eyes of the target audience. As a result, instead of making their way to the minds of the target audience, they end up in the roadside dustbin.

Here are some graphic design tips for creating an effective flyer:

Choose a Good Font: If you’re distributing your flyers at night or in low light situations, choose a font that will be clear even if the lights aren’t great. We recommend Arial Black or Comic Sans MS because they’re bold with thick lines.

Master Brevity: Be concise! Shorter sentences make your flyer more visually appealing. Additionally, such flyers are easier to read, and they grab the attention of the target audience within a few seconds, which is exactly what you want.

Long, run-on sentences can be confusing to readers. If you find that your writing is filled with exclamation points or question marks, you may want to rethink how you present your information—or at least consider whether those punctuation marks are distracting from the point of your sentences.

Strategic Use of Images and Colours: Use images to draw people in and make them pay attention, but don’t overdo it by filling up every square inch of space with pictures. Instead, use one image per page and make sure you have not more than three or four matching colour swatches used.

How to ensure your flyers are reaching the right target audience?

If you want to reach the right audience for your marketing campaign, it’s important to make sure that your flyers are distributed where those people will see them. If they don’t, no one will know about your product, and you are wasting money on both printing and advertising. This is something that you really don’t want your business to go through.

So, first and foremost, make sure you’re solving a problem that’s important to your target audience. If that isn’t the case, in spite of your best marketing efforts, people will end up ignoring your message as they wouldn’t understand why they have to purchase the stuff you are selling.

The point we’re trying to make is that you must be a master at knowing who your target audience is. When you know your target audience, it is much easier to know what kind of content to include in your flyer, as well as the design and aesthetic choices that should be made.

For example, if you’re creating a flyer for a kids’ fair, you should use the language and creatives that appeal to both parents and children. Instead of using a sombre language and boring visuals, you should use fun creatives in order to increase the chances of the flyer being taken seriously.

How to choose the right flyer distribution service?

When you choose Oppizi as your flyer distribution partner, you can be assured that we will help you achieve your business objectives by delivering flyers to the people who matter the most to your business. You can take advantage of our experience and expertise to reach your target audience.

We know how to effectively reach the people who matter to your business; however, that may not be the case with others. That’s why, before choosing your flyer distribution partner, you should consider the following factors.

Over the last few years, we have perfected this process with the help of cutting-edge technology. Our partners get to use the latest technology to distribute flyers, which allows them to better plan, monitor and track their flyer distribution campaigns.

Effective flyer distribution relies on reporting. Without proper tracking, you won’t know where your flyers end up or whether or not they are working for you. That’s why real-time GPS tracking is a critical part of flyer distribution. That way, you get vital information from a partner, which can help make critical adjustments to your offline marketing campaign before it’s too late.

Another aspect to consider before choosing a flyer distribution partner is ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) tracking. ROAS refers to the amount of money each dollar spent on flyer advertising brings back into the company in terms of sales or other revenue streams (such as leads).

By working with a flyer distribution service provider like Oppizi, you can be sure to get the metrics you need to assess return on investment.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Oppizi offers end to end flyer distribution service. This includes design, printing, campaign planning and delivery to the right audience segment.
It’s our vetted brand ambassadors who distribute your flyers. You can track their movements within the distribution area and get real-time updates about the number of flyers distributed.
Of course, we will send you a complete report with the details about the specific metrics that can help you track your ROAS.
Yes. We will provide you access to a dedicated dashboard that displays GPS tracking, the number of flyers distributed, check-in times, etc.
Yes. We can work with your team and enable the API integration, which will help you transfer the data to your existing CRM.
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