Flyer distribution services in Canada

At Oppizi, we can help you take your offline marketing campaigns to the next level with our flyer distribution services. We’ll work with you to develop a customised distribution campaign that reaches your target audience at very competitive rates. With Oppizi, you can expect increased income, lower expenses, and a more efficient operation.

flyer distribution Canada

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Flyer distribution in Canada

Flyers can be beneficial for businesses striving for increased interaction from potential customers as they boost customer interaction and conversions. They are often used to attract potential customers offline, as they provide a more tangible form of marketing than online ads.

When businesses want to get the word out about their products or services, they prefer using a reliable flyer distribution service. This is where Oppizi can help them end-to-end as we can help them print out flyers with information about what they want to promote and then go around to different areas to hand them out. Oppizi’s flyer delivery campaign is a great way to reach many target audiences quickly!

Adding to this, our flyer distribution is an excellent way for you to save money and attract more potential customers. With Oppizi, you get our delivery crews to distribute your flyers for you. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business while still getting your brand out there.

We have a professional team for operations and a vetted team of delivery crews for flyer distribution. This way, we fulfill the prerequisites of a successful flyer campaign: careful planning and execution. Oppizi can handle your campaign from start to finish. We’ll work with you to develop a targeted flyer delivery plan that reaches your ideal customer base, and we’ll make sure your flyers are delivered on time to places you want them to.

Are you looking for a reliable flyer distribution service? Look no further than Oppizi! We offer cutting-edge distribution methods to help you find the right audience for your message. With Oppizi, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible distribution for your flyers!

Why Oppizi flyer distribution service?

A flyer is a powerful marketing tool that can help you grab attention and persuade people to choose your products or services. Countless successful campaigns that we did for our clients have proved that it’s a great way to get your message out there and attract new customers.

Our flyer delivery services can offer you a cost-effective, efficient way to advertise your brand. By targeting specific people and locations with your targeted advertising message, we can help you reach a large audience at once and see a noticeable return on investment. Our team of experienced flyer delivery partners (brand ambassadors, as we call them) will make sure that your flyers are delivered to the right people in the right places.

Oppizi offers the perfect solution for a new business that want to make the most out of their flyer delivery campaigns. Our cutting-edge technology provides brands with valuable insights into how well each campaign is performing so that they can adapt and improve their techniques for maximum impact.

If you are looking for the perfect tool for your small business to take offline marketing to the next level, your search ends with Oppizi. Unlike traditional flyer distribution companies, Oppizi offers planning, monitoring, and tracking features that make it easy to measure the success of your campaign. This makes it easy to identify which tactics are working and which ones need improvement.

We are disrupting the flyer distribution market by providing full transparency in operations and representing the real ROI figures. We’re making it easier for businesses to analyse and find flyer distribution campaigns that worked in favour and the ones that didn’t. This way, they can better optimise future campaigns by giving more focus on flyer delivery methods, locations, and the target audience that is giving them the intended results. 

Oppizi flyer distribution is a tried and tested marketing method that can help you get your message in front of the right people quickly and conveniently. We offer hand-to-hand, direct mail and door flyer delivery methods to ensure that your message arrives directly into the hands of your prospects without any chance of your message getting distorted. 

Lazer-targeted flyer delivery campaigns in Canada to expand customer base, boost sales & scale up your business

Types of flyer distribution

Flyer distribution service

If you have a hard time finding new customers for your business, our reliable flyer distribution service can pull off successfully. We have the know-how about the most frequently visited places by your audience, and our digitised offline marketing campaigns can help your message reach them at a time and place that can give your business the maximum reward.

There is something unique about paper-based content and advertisements; they stand out in audiences’ minds compared to digital content. This could be because of the tangibility of the material or the fact that it requires physical engagement to view. Whatever the reason, paper-based marketing has a way of leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

As people increasingly spend more time indoors in front of screens, they may start to crave real-world experiences. Small businesses can take advantage of this trend by incorporating flyer distribution into their offline marketing strategies. This way, they can reach potential customers offline and provide them with information about their products or services.

Although digital advertising is prevalent, many consumers still prefer to make purchasing decisions in person. Flyers provide a more personal touch than digital advertising, which can get lost in the crowd.

With insights into your flyer delivery campaign present using our advanced digital platform, you can take advantage of detailed data and analytics to improve the efficacy of your flyer distribution campaign. 

So, what we mean to say is that rather than write off flyer distribution as an outdated marketing practice, you must consider making an informed decision about whether it’s worth trying for your brand or not. 

Plan your campaign

Oppizi’s flyer distribution helps you reach the audience that matters most to your business. Our team will put together the right flyer delivery campaign strategy based on your audience insights and our on-the-ground experience. When put into action, your flyer distribution campaign will work like a guided bullet, meeting the right people in places they visit most often at the right time.

The professional and reliable offline marketing services we offer is the best way to get your company’s message out there. We target residences and businesses in your area to make sure you are reaching the right people with your promotional material. We have a team of experienced flyer distributors who are dedicated to providing your company with quality service. We have a team of experienced flyer distributors – your delivery crews, who are dedicated to providing your company with quality service.

There are many important aspects of running a business, and we know you have better things to do with your time than worrying about who deliver flyers. Our process for finding the right people to represent your brand guarantees that your flyers are in good hands. The people we choose to be ambassadors for your business are passionate and care about your success.

Making a campaign plan is easy with our user-friendly dashboard. You can share it with your colleagues to keep them updated on flyer distribution plans. Based on the finalised plan, your flyers will be distributed to all the locations you specify on the days you need.

Campaign monitoring

With our GPS tracking system, you can always know the precise location of your brand ambassadors while they’re distributing flyers. This way, you can monitor their progress and make sure they’re meeting your expectations.

Throughout your campaign, we are always there to help you make real-time course corrections. Our operations team is available for you via live chat and is in constant touch with the brand ambassadors. This way, your feedback and requirements can be taken care of immediately without any delay whatsoever.

The campaign monitoring dashboard provides essential information about your campaign’s progress. Here, you can find all the facts and figures you need to know about how your campaign is doing.

You can see how many missions have been completed, how many flyers have been distributed, and how much more needs to be done, all with just a few clicks in the dashboard. Track your budget and mission completion status and find a lot more insightful information to help you plan your finances within the easy-to-use Oppizi campaign monitoring dashboard.

At Oppizi, we are always honest and transparent with our clients. You will have complete access to our dashboard and reports at all times so that you are always up-to-date. We promise not to hide anything from you as your trust is very important to us.

Performance tracking

Our unique flyer distribution service offers businesses the ability to track the performance of their flyers through an online interface. Oppizi’s tracking system takes into account the Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) so that you know if the flyer distribution campaigns were successful or not.

Oppizi’s platform can get you accurate data about your campaign’s ROAS. With this information, you can make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy. So, now you can give up on outdated flyer marketing techniques and use our digitised one to make higher ROAS. 

Oppizi is the perfect platform for flyer distribution campaigns. Our unique KPIs will help you to measure the success of your campaigns and ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently. Using our platform, you can track key performance indicators (KPIs) like cost-per-acquisition (CPA), conversion rate, and average redemption time. The platform supports 14 unique KPIs, which can greatly benefit your understanding of the success of the flyer distribution campaign. 

Oppizi’s dashboard also provides detailed insights into consumer behaviour that can help distributors optimise their flyer distribution campaigns for maximum results.

We have an algorithm designed to help you double down on offline marketing methods and strategies that are most effective. By analysing past campaign data, Oppizi is able to identify which techniques are offering headway for your business and fetching the results you sought. This allows you to focus your efforts on strategies that are most likely to be successful, saving.

Flyer Distribution Guide

Reasons for the popularity of flyers include affordability, ease of creation and effectiveness when delivered to the right audience.

Oppizi has embraced digital age technologies and is using them to improve offline marketing. This has further improved the method, prospect and location identification for the flyer delivery campaigns. With such advanced features integrated, we are sure that flyers will continue to get people excited.

 Additionally, many online marketing activities have turned into a distraction for a majority of internet users, so offline marketing materials can be a refreshing change.

There are many things to keep in mind when designing a flyer for distribution. It is important to make it visually appealing as well as easy to read and understand. Although it may sound simple, it can be difficult to achieve both of these goals if you don’t have experts by your side. 

Most businesses make the mistake of overloading their flyers with text, images, and colors, making them look cluttered to their target audience. This often results in the flyers being thrown away instead of getting noticed by the people they were meant for.

Here are some tips for designing an effective leaflet:

Font: If you want your flyers to be easily readable in low light or at night, choose a font with thick lines and bold features, such as Arial Black or Comic Sans MS.

Master Brevity: It is important to be concise when writing messages in the flyer. Shorter sentences make the flyer more visually appealing and easier to read. This grabs the attention of the target audience within a few seconds, which is what you want to get the highest conversion.

Strategic Use of Images and Colours: Images can be used to draw people in and make them pay attention, but too many images on a page can be overwhelming. Use one image per page, and limit the number of matching colours to three or four.

How to ensure your flyers are reaching the right target audience? 

Distributing your flyers in the right places is essential to reaching your target market. By doing this, you ensure that more people will see your product and learn about what you’re offering. This is a crucial part of marketing campaigns and should not be overlooked if you want your business to succeed.

When marketing your product or service, be sure to solve a problem that is important to your target audience. If you cannot do this, your marketing efforts will be for naught, as people will simply ignore your message.

The most important aspect of creating an effective flyer is knowing your target audience. Without this key information, it is difficult to determine what kind of content to include and what design elements will be most successful. When you have a clear understanding of who your flyer is for, the process becomes much simpler.

If you’re creating a flyer for a kids’ fair, use language and creatives that appeal to both parents and children. Instead of using dull language and unexciting visuals, use fun creatives to increase the chances of the flyer being taken home.

How to choose the right flyer distribution partner?

No matter what your business goals are, Oppizi can help you to reach your target audience through flyer delivery. With years of experience in the industry, we know how to get your leaflets into the hands of the people who will make a difference in your business. Contact us today to find out more.

When choosing a flyer delivery partner, you should consider how they plan to reach your target audience. Some companies may not have the same level of expertise or resources, which could impact the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Experience: We have perfected our flyer delivery process over the last 7 years with the help of cutting-edge technology. Our partners get to use the latest technology to enhance leaflet distribution by allowing them to better plan, monitor and track their campaigns.

Reporting & Tracking: Tracking your leaflet distribution campaign is essential to understanding its effectiveness. Without tracking, you won’t be able to identify issues or optimise your campaign. GPS tracking provides real-time data that can help you make informed decisions about your offline marketing campaign.

Results: Another thing to think about before you pick a leaflet distribution partner is how they track ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). ROAS measures the amount of money each dollar spent on advertising brings back into the company as sales or other types of income (like leads).

When you work with a leaflet distribution service provider like Oppizi, you can get the metrics you need to assess return on investment. This way, you can be sure that your marketing efforts are effective.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Oppizi offers end to end flyer distribution service. This includes design, printing, campaign planning and delivery to the right audience segment.
It’s our vetted brand ambassadors who distribute your flyers. You can track their movements within the distribution area and get real-time updates about the number of flyers distributed.
Of course, we will send you a complete report with the details about the specific metrics that can help you track your ROAS.
Yes. We will provide you access to a dedicated dashboard that displays GPS tracking, the number of flyers distributed, check-in times, etc.
Yes. We can work with your team and enable the API integration, which will help you transfer the data to your existing CRM.
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