Oppizi’s story: How we do what we do

Our story hero

Since 2014, we’ve been on a mission to disrupt offline marketing at scale, as we believe
there is still a place for flyer distribution in what is otherwise a digital world. 

We’re home to comprehensive flyering solutions encompassing logistics, distribution,
and tracking. Simply, at Oppizi, you’re provided with an end-to-end service. It should,
therefore, come as no surprise that we have established ourselves as the leading
MarTech solution for flyer distribution! 

From Australia to the U.S. and beyond, Oppizi is here to serve you.

Our journey so far

  • May 2014

    The Oppizi story begins in Sydney, Australia, where our first campaign occurred. At the time, we only had one channel available – hand to hand distribution. Oppizi has come a long way since then; we now have three channels across three continents!
  • November 2017

    We delved into new territories for the first time three years after our launch in Australia. Our mission led us to expand to New Zealand, where we currently offer flyer distribution services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and more.
  • January 2018

    We landed in Europe! We opened the doors to our London, U.K. office, and from there, we began to grow, working with companies like Uber Eats to scale and reach their targets. Indeed, from London to Glasgow, we’ve got your U.K. flyer distribution campaigns covered.
  • September 2018

    Within a few months, we had the opportunity to expand further. We established ourselves in Paris, France, and began turning Oppizi into the leading flyer distribution service in the nation. But our journey wasn’t over yet; we had our sights set on further growth…
  • January 2019

    Belgium, France’s neighbor, came next. We believed that we could help businesses nationwide – and we have! Oppizi has changed the face of offline marketing in Belgium in just a few short years, leading campaigns in Ghent, Brussels, and Antwerp.
  • March 2019

    Next stop, Switzerland! In March 2019, we began running campaigns throughout the picturesque region, helping businesses of all sizes to connect with their target audiences and achieve their goals.
  • September 2019

    In our most ambitious development yet, we took on the United States. Our New York office opened in September 2019 to great acclaim. This success has enabled us to produce effective campaigns across the U.S., including locations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston.
  • June 2020

    By June 2020, the world had changed. The Covid-19 pandemic had forced the way people interact to shift on an unprecedented scale, and this meant that we had to adapt accordingly. As such, we introduced our advanced door to door flyer distribution technology.
  • September 2020

    Joining our channel options came direct mail, a unique service that gets your message straight to your clients’ mailboxes. The new channel was successfully implemented in September 2020 and continues to enjoy exceptional results!
  • January 2021

    Despite the pandemic, Oppizi had grown exponentially, generating the chance to set foot in a new country. Canada proved to be the perfect candidate for us. Consequently, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many Canadian companies, aiding them in achieving their dreams.
  • July 2021

    From chilly Canada to the warmer Mexican climate, Oppizi is dominating the offline marketing scene! In July 2021, we started helping clients boost their offline strategy in Mexico, holding flyering campaigns in all the major cities.
  • October 2021

    Shifting our focus back to Europe, we launched our services in the vibrant city of Berlin. A hub for creativity, culture, and cutting-edge technology, Berlin offered the perfect canvas for Oppizi, and we’ve certainly left our mark.
  • February 2023

    New product alert! Oppizi Ads is a game-changing flyering solution that places the control back in your hands. Initially released in Australia, Self-Serve has since been rolled out in the U.S., U.K., and France, with plans to launch in more countries soon!

And we’re just getting started. Want to take part in our journey?