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The overall cost of flyer distribution depends on several factors: the complexity of the design; the type of paper used; the quality of printing; and much more. 

Our comprehensive Flyer Distribution Cost Calculator is designed to provide you with an estimated cost for your campaign, making budgeting hassle-free!

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  • Reach
    1 000
  • Conversions
    1 000
  • CVR
    Conversion rate refers to the percentage of consumers that have completed a certain action, for example purchasing your products or downloading an app.
    1 000
  • CPA
    Cost per acquisition is used to determine the overall cost of a conversion. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of your campaign by the amount of acquisitions.
    1 000

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you work with Oppizi, you can expect a quality, comprehensive service that covers everything you need to produce a successful flyering campaign. We provide support and guidance throughout the entire process, including executing the planning, printing, and distributing of your flyers, which are included in the campaign cost.
Oppizi integrates online technology and offline marketing to provide a user-friendly platform that meets all your marketing needs. You can easily track your campaign in real-time and access key metrics, support, and management tools 24/7. Our expertise and data ensure complete transparency and a top-notch experience for you!
We believe that the future is green. Oppizi is devoted to implementing and upholding eco-friendly practices, such as using carbon-neutral printing methods and slashing our carbon output. Additionally, thanks to our tree planting initiative, over 9,350 trees have been planted, resulting in 628.17 tCO2e from being emitted through 46 verified carbon avoidance projects!
As a client, you can monitor metrics such as engagement rates, CVR, CPS, GPS tracking, geo-performance, AB testing and more through our digital platform. What’s more, we provide the unique opportunity to watch your live campaign; this includes viewing your brand ambassadors’ locations during their missions.
Thanks to our data, we know how to create a campaign that works for you. We can help you to determine the perfect time and location, the best channel for reaching your audience, and how large your campaign should be. Whether you want to reengage, retain, or build brand recognition, we can leverage our data to help you!