Technology-powered leaflet & flyer distribution

Track & scale your customer acquisition and brand awareness campaigns thanks to our unique tracking solution for business leafleting and flyering

Would you like to earn money in your spare time thanks to leaflet distribution jobs?

We’re on a mission to help you launch

trackable offline marketing campaigns

Hand to hand

Trackable flyer and leaflet distribution for maximum quality and impact.

Letterbox dropping

Door to door promotional flyers distribution to reach your future customer directly at home.

Direct Mail

Automate your targeted messages and have them land seamlessly into their mailbox.

Our Technology

We packed the platform with all the tools you need to effortlessly run and track promotional flyer campaigns. Getting the right data to assess the ROI of print marketing has never been so easy.

Access all the metrics you need to measure brand awareness customer acquisition, customer retention and brand awareness in a few clicks.

Measure and track your flyering distribution on the dashboard
flyer distribution and leaflet distribution are effective transparent channels

Crystal-clear transparency

What we see is what you see

For every mission, access real-time check-in and check-out times, GPS tracking, and the number of flyers distributed. Whether you have a customer acquisition or brand awareness campaign in mind, access all the right metrics at a glance: number of sign-ups, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, and much more.

Track & Measure

Real-time metrics & AI-driven

We have built an algorithm that can identify the best time and place to distribute your leaflets, pamphlets and flyers to maximise impact and ROI. That’s why our technology is your best ally to launch flyer distribution campaigns that convert.

trackable flyer and leaflet distribution solution
data driven decision in flyering campaign

Cheaper than Paid Social

Data-driven cost optimisation

Launch customer acquisition campaigns with CPAs 2 to 4 times lower than with digital marketing channels.

Our algorithm and our experts help you pivot your campaign based on data-led decisions. Who said leaflet distribution couldn’t be an ROI positive channel?













Eco friendly

Carbon neutral printers & printing certifications.

Turnkey solution

A single point of contact to manage your whole campaign.

Budget friendly

Launch a campaign for as little as $2,000

Convey your message

Brand ambassador pitch training & quiz

Target your prospects

Incentives on performance to ensure right targeting

Mix with digital marketing

Combine flyers with online marketing for enhanced impact


Pivot mid-campaign if need be to reach your goals

Scalable globally

We can help you launch in 60+ cities across 3 continents

Curious how flyer distribution can help you scale?

Our experts would be happy to discuss how our technology can help you scale your customer acquisition campaigns.
Join 150+ brands like Uber Eats, Get Around, and ClassPass and get started.

What services does Oppizi provide?

At Oppizi, we are combining our expertise with a unique technology in order to deliver flyer distribution, leaflet distribution, pamphlet distribution. This includes, direct mail, hand to hand distribution, door to door distribution, letterbox distribution, but also other creative formats like door hangers for instance.

We manage every step of your flyer marketing campaign:

Before the campaign kick-off: flyer design recommendations, flyer printing (choice of the flyer maker and flyer printer), outfit making, and logistics (delivery).

During the campaign: flyer logistics, distribution monitoring thanks to GPS tracking, mystery shopping missions, guidance and cost optimisation

After the campaign: performance reporting on customer acquisition and brand awareness, recommendations

You can access the metrics of your promotional flyer campaign at anytime on the dashboard.


Where can Oppizi launch flyer distribution and letterbox campaigns?

We operate in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

Check our list of locations to access the full list of cities where we provide leafleting and flyering services.