Big Mamma

Authentic Italian food - it's delicious, right? Even better, it's Big Mamma's speciality. Founded in 2013, the restaurant chain has taken the food industry by storm, boasting handmade dishes, ingredients sourced from small Italian producers, and over 2,200 employees across Europe. With new restaurants opening across the continent, Big Mamma wanted to draw customers in - so they contacted Oppizi.

Call for growth

Determined to generate success for its new locations in London, Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, and Madrid, Big Mamma was looking for affordable marketing solutions that embrace its mantra: ‘tutto e fatto in casa. E basta.’ Meaning ‘everything is homemade. Full-stop.’ 

No stranger to flyer distribution, Big Mamma had their concerns – would their brand image sound cheap without context? Is flyer distribution antiquated? Little did they know that with Oppizi, they’d be in for an abundance of flyering success!

Oppizi solution

Big Mamma wanted to stand out from its competition and lean into their quirky brand image, resulting in the production of pizza-shaped flyers and stickers. It was also decided that the campaigns would be kept short, spanning only a week or two, to maximize the boost effect and highlight other marketing efforts. Each flyer featured a custom code per their location, making it easier to attribute orders to locations and analyze performance.


Value delivered

The campaign was an instant hit, reaching over 150,000 people across the selected cities. Additionally, Big Mamma delivered 2,500 authentic Italian meals to foodies. Big Mamma’s views on flyer distribution have also changed for the better; with Oppizi, there’s no need to worry about tracking, tone, or performance, as we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Flyers Distributed


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Cost per Acquisition


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