Jimmy Brings

Jimmy Brings is your new best friend. The brand can deliver wine, beer, spirits, and more to your door in 30 minutes, and they will arrive cold and ready to drink. That’s right, Jimmy Brings delivers all your favorite alcoholic drinks in record time! Jimmy Brings smashed its brand awareness and customer acquisition goals through efficient, transparent, and trackable offline marketing.

Call for growth

After launching in Australia, Jimmy Brings were searching for innovative and efficient ways to drive awareness towards their products and campaigns throughout Australia. The Jimmy Brings team began exploring offline marketing – but they weren’t convinced. Their minds only changed when they were introduced to Oppizi; they were swayed by the technologically advanced and reliable user-friendly interface Oppizi had presented, with the option to track CVR, Engagement Rate, CPS, GPS, and more, all while increasing brand awareness.

Oppizi solution

Following thorough discussions with the Jimmy Brings team, the company opted to utilize door to door drops, one of the best-performing channels. Jimmy Brings launched their first campaign with Oppizi in July 2020, trialing distribution in Sydney, NSW. The success of the campaigns triggered an expansion into a nationwide collaboration between Oppizi and Jimmy Brings, for which the client was able to use our comprehensive dashboard to manage their results.

Value delivered

Thanks to Oppizi’s expertise and devotion to offline marketing, the Jimmy Brings team increased their overall brand awareness by 66%. In addition, during this campaign, Jimmy Brings acquired approximately 1,600 new customers across all their markets. These impressive results led Oppizi to become Jimmy Brings offline partner for its 2020 and 2021 door to door campaigns across Australia. In total, we have delivered more than 875,000 magnets and flyers for Jimmy Brings!


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