Marley Spoon

If you’re searching for a smarter way to cook, Marley Spoon has the answer. Indeed, Marley Spoon delivers delicious 30-minute meal kits straight to people’s homes, taking the stress out of meal preparation. We teamed up with Marley Spoon to supplement their online efforts with premium offline marketing strategies.

Call for growth

Originally contacting us in 2016, Marley Spoon endeavored to mix online and offline marketing perfectly to maximize the efficiency of the Marketing channels. Which, in the end, would drive customer acquisition in the marketing funnel. Whilst this is an incredibly ambitious goal, we knew that we’d be able to not only meet their targets but exceed them!

Oppizi solution

We worked closely with the Marley Spoon team in order to truly understand their goals. The campaign needed to reflect the essence of Marley Spoon’s mission, as this would make the strategy more relevant to their desired market. Throughout the project, Marley Spoon was able to track the progress and results of the campaign through our handy dashboard.

Value delivered

We have consistently generated fantastic results for Marley Spoon. Over 500,000 flyers have been distributed on behalf of Marley Spoon since 2016, increasing brand awareness and, of course, customer acquisition.


Flyers Distributed


Missions completed




Cost per Acquisition


Conversion ratio