Pet Circle

Pet Circle is Australia’s largest online pet retailer - it is trusted by over 700,000 clients and provides advice via its online vet team. What’s more, Pet Circle provides support to its local community, donating food and supplies to over 100 animal rescue organizations. Oppizi and Pet Circle have been in partnership since 2015, and as a result, Oppizi has become one of Pet Circle’s major customer acquisition channels.

Call for growth

Pet Circle’s main priority was keeping costs down while pushing for brand awareness and customer acquisition. As such, Pet Circle worked with us to produce a campaign designed to capture the attention of pet owners, which required strategic and, at times, targeted planning in order to reach the right people.

Oppizi solution

We developed a stringent plan bespoke to Pet Circle’s needs. The campaign was highly-targeted and precise as the goal was to connect with the right people the first time round in order to reduce costs. Additionally, we provided Pet Circle with a cutting-edge dashboard that allowed them to track the results of their distribution campaign in real-time.

Value delivered

Since 2015, Oppizi has delivered over 820,000 flyers for Pet Circle, accelerating the latter’s customer acquisition efforts. Not only did we help Pet Circle reach their goal, but we also helped them to exceed it – this is why Oppizi is one of Pet Circle’s most important customer acquisition channels.


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