THE ICONIC lives up to its name. One of the largest fashion retailers in Australia, THE ICONIC boasts a catalog of over 1,500 leading brands. Products include fashion, sports, and children’s clothing, cosmetics, and homewares. Oppizi solved two of their issues: acquiring new customers and increasing brand awareness.

Call for growth

THE ICONIC approached Oppizi with the desire to produce a flyer distribution campaign that would increase brand awareness and customer acquisition without a hefty price tag. Upon deciding to use offline marketing, THE ICONIC chose Oppizi to carry out their campaign as we are able to generate impressive and trackable results, making any investments worthwhile.

Oppizi solution

Oppizi focused on the brief to create an entirely bespoke campaign for THE ICONIC. We ensured that our solutions were designed to drive customer acquisition and brand awareness in client-dense, relevant areas. What’s more, we provided THE ICONIC with expert advice and access to our unique dashboard, allowing them to track their campaign’s results anywhere and at any time.

Value delivered

By collaborating with Oppizi, THE ICONIC saw their problems be resolved with minimal effort on their part. Oppizi’s flyering services generated an impressive 53,000 new customers for THE ICONIC, with over three million flyers distributed in total.


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