Uber is one of the world’s best-known ride-sharing apps, boasting an outstanding 131 million monthly users. Available in approximately 70 countries, Uber takes people from point A to point B with ease. Uber chose Oppizi to boost its client acquisition needs in several cities on an international scale.

Call for growth

When Uber first launched in Australia and New Zealand, its team was looking for a scalable and affordable way of acquiring customers. They eventually landed on Oppizi, choosing us thanks to our impressive track record and contemporary approach to offline marketing. Indeed, offline marketing is a channel perfect for customer acquisition, as it provides prospective customers with a physical reminder of the brand.

Oppizi Solution

We worked in tandem with Uber to produce campaigns that aligned with their wants and achieved desirable results. We used industry data and our ability to precisely target audiences to generate a campaign worthy of such a prestigious company. Furthermore, the team at Uber could track, monitor, and provide feedback on their campaign thanks to our innovative dashboard, which displays all the critical metrics in one place. ‍


Value Delivered

Our collaborative efforts culminated in over three million flyers being delivered, which drove unprecedented results. In both 2016 and 2017, Oppizi surpassed online marketing in being the most efficient customer acquisition channel for Uber.


Flyers Distributed


Missions completed




Cost per Acquisition


Conversion ratio