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From the beginning to the end of your campaign, our offline marketing specialists will guide you towards success.

  • Set your campaign across three continents, 10 countries, and 165 cities
  • Choose desired distribution channels (hand to hand, door to door, door hangers, or direct mail)
  • Perfect for large budget campaigns worth more than $5,000
  • Get a one-on-one, in-depth consultation with a member of our team
  • Receive unambiguous and clear quotes and contracts
  • We’ll handle everything for you, from planning to distribution
  • Follow your campaign in real-time through live mapping
  • Track 14+ KPIs through a unique dashboard
  • Assess consumer behavior and optimize your campaign with ease

Oppizi Ads campaign builder

Your campaign, your style, your way. Design and launch your flyer distribution campaign in a matter of minutes.

  • Oppizi Ads is available now in Australia, the U.S., the U.K., France, Belgium and Canada.
  • Oppizi Ads supports hand to hand and door to door distribution in selected areas, we’ll be adding more channels soon
  • Ideal for small and medium businesses with campaign budgets of less than $5000
  • Create campaigns online and choose how, when, and where your campaigns are executed
  • Select areas closer to your business and connect with your audience
  • Design a powerful-looking flyer with our flyer builder tool
  • Submit your campaign for review and get approved in 24 hours