August 2023’s sizzling marketing tips and insights

marketing insights

Summer’s back again, and a new wave of marketing trends comes with it.  August is looking bright and busy for the marketing world – AI has taken the world by storm, direct marketing has made a shocking comeback, and a particular social media app has achieved a new level of success. Keep reading to find out more!

Snapchat sees incredible success

Snapchat’s 2011 debut revolutionized the world of social media. Unlike anything else on the market, Snapchat provided its users with a seamless direct messaging platform complete with the ability to send photos and videos. It’s safe to say that the company has maintained such success over the past 12 years, with its recent Q2 23 performance report highlighting some incredible accomplishments over the past quarter alone. 

First, the company has seen a dramatic increase in daily active users, with an approximate rise of 14 million during the quarter. As such, Snapchat now boasts a staggering 397 million active users per day. 

Much of this success stems from the app’s unique Spotlight feature – a short-form video feed that attracts 400 million users monthly – and its new ‘My AI’ chatbot. The AI feature has reportedly received over 10 billion messages since its launch, rendering it one of the most popular chatbots of its kind!

Direct marketing spend hits 17-year high

The IPA Bellwether report has indicated that in Q2, spending on direct marketing has risen at the sharpest rate since 2006. Economic factors, including changes in consumer spending and high-interest rates, are pushing advertisers to focus on short-term wins. 

Despite the economic uncertainty, just over a fifth of survey respondents observed growth in total marketing spend during the second quarter. Indeed, a net balance of 7.3% of respondents report increased investment in direct marketing, which Bellwether defines as email and physical mail, in the second quarter. 

It’s expected that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Direct marketing is essential to meeting KPIs and short-term goals, and with more marketers investing in promotional activity, it won’t fall on the back burner anytime soon. For more on direct marketing, check out Marketing Week’s report summary.

How to use door hangers to boost your business 

If you’re looking for an innovative way to promote your brand, you must check out our blog, How to Use Door Hangers to Boost Your Business. Door hanger marketing is a tried-and-true advertising method that can deliver impressive results for businesses of all sizes. 

In a world dominated by online ads and digital marketing, door hangers stand out with their physical presence and ability to capture attention. Throughout our blog, we explore how you can utilize door hanger marketing to bolster your advertising efforts – for example, did you know that door hangers can target specific demographics?

Revolutionize your strategy and include door hangers. Connect with new audiences, build brand awareness, and improve your CPA without breaking the bank.

The rise of artificial intelligence in marketing

ChatGPT and other AI tools have taken the world by storm. The highly divisive software has found a place within the marketing industry – and it is here to stay. There is no escaping the grasp that AI has on marketing, be it for content creation, image production, automation, or data analysis; the list is endless. Henceforth, it’s no surprise that by 2030, AI-driven marketing is set to contribute to 45% of the global economy.

Sprout Social recently uploaded an article about artificial intelligence’s impact on the marketing sphere and has even detailed ways in which the plethora of platforms can be used. For instance, AI is taking the guesswork out of social media posting, fulfilling tasks like scheduling posts at optimal times for the greatest impact or categorizing incoming messages.

AI is empowering marketing teams around the planet to explore out-of-the-box concepts. But the ethics behind AI is, of course, up for debate. Will AI have a negative impact on marketing positions? We’ll leave that for you to decide. For now, it’s an investment worth making. 

That’s all for August; join us again for another round of marketing insights!