Spring into Action With April’s Marketing News

In our last post, we covered the growing concerns surrounding the global economy, marketers’ plans for 2023, and why you should use direct mail. Below, we’ll provide updates on the economic situation, handy marketing tips and tricks, and a glimpse at our latest product, Oppizi Ads. Join us as we guide you through our news and insights for April!

Surviving Economic Turbulence Through Marketing

Economic difficulties have become prevalent worldwide, but that doesn’t mean your business has to suffer under the pressure of a potential recession.

Research published by Gartner found that only 5% of respondents decreased their spending and that those who increased spending were twice as likely to grow profits. However, whilst many are spending more, there appears to be an aversion to contingency plans, with only 21% of marketers saying they follow a solid outline.

This figure is staggering, as a contingency plan alleviates risk and provides stability during rough periods; the Gartner study shows that extensive planning has immense benefits. Despite the significant economic crisis, approximately 44% of digital marketers exceeded year-over-year profit growth when using a contingency plan. 

Oppizi’s Exciting New Product: Oppizi Ads

In February 2023, Oppizi Ads went live in Australia, and it has since launched in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S. A unique platform, Oppizi Ads enables its users to take complete control of hand to hand and door to door campaigns, from conception to distribution.

In effect, Oppizi Ads is an effortless marketing tool, as you can transform your ideas into a real flyer distribution campaign within a few clicks. Choose a distribution channel, highlight your preferred locations, upload or create your design, and click submit. Your campaign will be approved and set into motion in under 24 hours. 

Indeed, it’s a quick and easy way to incorporate flyer distribution into your marketing strategy, so why wait? Sign up for free to learn more about Oppizi Ads and explore its features, click here!

Why Direct Mail Remains Effective in a Digital-Focused World

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is the most popular way to connect with consumers in the 21st century. In fact, digital adverts are everywhere, such as streaming platforms, social media, fashion websites, blogs, and so on. Yet despite online domination, one marketing channel stands unwavering in its popularity – direct mail. 

Direct mail is an offline marketing channel that has withstood the test of time. Whilst marketers have an abundance of tools and strategies at their disposal, for some reason, they always come back to direct mail, leading many to ask, ‘why?’

It’s simple. There is no better way to acquire customers than through something tactile; 70% of consumers state that direct mail offers a more personal interaction than online marketing. To discover more about the power of direct mail and how to utilize it, check out our blog, Why Direct Mail Remains Effective in a Digital-Focused World.

How Offline Views and Engagement Boosts Cost Efficiency

Numbers make the marketing world go round, and offline marketing can offer impressive results. PSE recently published data produced by JICMAIL showing just how handy offline marketing can be when prioritizing cost efficiency.

The study uncovered that the average piece of mail stays in homes for an average of a week, culminating in two minutes spent with direct mail promotions and approximately forty seconds for door to door deliveries. These timings are especially impressive compared to the average of 1.3 -1.7 seconds for social advertisements. 

Additionally, the PSE article highlights JICMAIL’s experiment involving two ad campaigns, which found that the cost per minute of attention with its door drop campaign was around half that for its social display. The evidence, therefore, shows that offline marketing is perfect for engaging customers cost-effectively and efficiently.