How much do Oppizi’s flyer distribution campaigns cost in Belgium?

Did you know digital marketing isn’t the only way to reach your target audience? Indeed, offline marketing still has a firm place in the 21st century – and you should use it to your advantage! Flyer distribution is an effective way to connect with your audience face-to-face; it’s personal, tactile, and with Oppizi, measurable.

But how much does a flyer distribution campaign cost? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pricing at Oppizi, from the cost of a mission to how we provide value. 

What we offer at Oppizi

At Oppizi, we offer several flyer distribution channels designed to get your brand out there. Join us as we break down the cost of our most popular services, hand to hand and door to door distribution. 

Hand to hand distribution cost

Hand to hand distribution is unique in that it’s highly personal – your brand will connect with consumers face-to-face rather than through a computer or phone screen. In turn, hand to hand flyers provide a physical representation of your brand, making your products and services memorable to consumers. 

Hand-to-hand flyer missions cost €80 for three hours of our brand ambassadors distributing your flyers and leaflets in a high-traffic area without any additional charges. Over the three hours, our brand ambassadors will share approximately 600 leaflets, which will only go to a relevant audience thanks to our targeted solutions.

Door to door flyer campaigns

If you want to place your brand directly into people’s homes, door to door distribution is the medium for you. According to DMA, 38% of flyers are kept for at least a few days, and 13% are held for over a week when distributed directly to consumers’ homes. As such, door to door flyer distribution is a fantastic way to drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, and scalability.

We offer door to door campaigns for €80 per three-hour mission. Our professional brand ambassadors will aim to distribute around 1,000 flyers and leaflets in a neighborhood of your choice, as we believe you know your clients best.

What’s included in this cost?

With both channels, you will receive permanent access to our unique online platform, from where you can plan, manage, and track your campaign as it takes place. From CPA to CVR, you can monitor 14 KPIs and use the easy-to-navigate platform to optimize as you please.

The additional costs of a flyer campaign

As with any form of marketing, there are additional costs associated with flyer distribution. These costs include anything from outsourcing a graphic designer to printing and storage. Henceforth, when investing in an offline campaign, it’s essential to budget for these additional fees. 

Graphic design 

This is the one element you will need to handle, as at Oppizi, we do not cover the design of your flyers. You can outsource or use your graphic designers to create a striking and eye-catching flyer – but you must consider the price of outsourcing a graphic designer. 

Designers can range from a few euros an hour to hundreds, so you should research and find someone who fits your budget while maintaining quality!

Printing costs

We’ll handle the printing of your flyers. Printing charges depend on your brochure’s format, weight, and size; for example, the greater the weight, the more it will cost to print your flyer. However, the weight of your flyer determines its durability, so it may be worth spending more on flyer printing. 

In addition, we use sustainable printing methods, including carbon balanced printing and recycled materials, which increase the cost. The world shouldn’t suffer at the hands of offline marketing, so we do our best to ensure all our solutions are eco-friendly!

Brand ambassador incentives

Our brand ambassador incentives make us truly unique within the flyer distribution market. Unlike other brands, we strive to bolster motivation among our brand ambassadors, as we have found that motivated brand ambassadors provide exceptional results. 

Our brand ambassador bonuses are based on your forecasted conversion rate, from which we’ll identify a fair and accurate bonus. Consequently, the brand ambassadors will receive a small monetary reward every time they achieve a conversion. 

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How we offer value for money

We pride ourselves on providing each of our customers with an industry-leading service; when you choose Oppizi, you’ll be supported every step of the way. Oppizi boasts a team of professionals who know precisely what you need to achieve your goals – client acquisition, brand awareness, scalability, or sustainability. Additionally, we provide permanent access to our aforementioned campaign platform, from where you can easily control your campaign.

A flyer distribution campaign with Oppizi is a premium way to upgrade your marketing strategy without hassle. Whilst Oppizi may have higher prices than others in the industry, we have the results to show that the Oppizi way is the best way.

Integrate offline marketing into your strategy

It’s clear that flyer distribution is underrated – not only can it spread your message en masse, but it can also be paired with online efforts. That’s right: it doesn’t have to be one or the other. A multi-channel marketing solution can elevate your business above your competitors, so why not try it? 

Contact us today, and we’ll help you start your journey into offline marketing. We’ll work with you to craft a bespoke campaign that achieves your desired results.

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