How much does a flyer campaign cost in the USA and Canada?

We believe in complete transparency, so we’ve created a blog that compiles all the information you need about flyer distribution costs. Flyer distribution is a perfect way to promote new products, businesses, and services. Flyers can be printed in bulk and often deliver impressive results.

Understanding how price is determined and how it impacts your marketing campaign is essential; we believe you should be able to make an informed decision. Join us as we explore flyer delivery and marketing campaign costs in the United States and Canada!

Estimated cost per flyer 

The expenses associated with a flyering campaign in the United States and Canada can vary significantly, influenced by volume, format, print quality, distribution zones, and more. At Oppizi, we tie these costs together, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing multiple professional services. 

The average cost per flyer per volume

Below 10,000 flyers: $0.60 to $0.62 per flyer

Between 10,000 and 50,000 leaflets: $0.56 to $0.58 per flyer

Over 50,000 flyers: $0.53 to $0.55 per flyer

Direct mail

According to the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail has proved effective across the board, with 45% of consumers keeping direct mailings long term. Therefore, when considering your flyer delivery and distribution methods for print flyers; direct mail should be at the top of your list!

What contributes to the price of a direct mail campaign?

With Oppizi, the cost of a direct mail campaign in the U.S. and Canada varies widely depending on several factors, such as the size of the mailing list, the complexity of the campaign, and the type of materials used. Let’s break down those elements:


Depending on the size and quality of the mailing list, this can range from a few cents per name to several dollars per name.

Printing and production

This includes the cost of designing and printing the materials to be mailed, such as custom postcards, flyers, or letters. Moreover, at Oppizi, we pride ourselves on using carbon-balanced printing methods. Whilst this increases the price, it guarantees sustainability. 


As one of the most significant expenses associated with a direct mail campaign, postage costs can vary depending on the size and weight of the mail piece and the distance your flyers need to travel. 

Brand Ambassador bonus

We recommend you give the brand ambassadors a small bonus. Whenever a conversion occurs, the brand ambassador receives a financial incentive, increasing motivation and satisfaction.

The overall cost of direct mail

In turn, it’s impossible to give an exact price for a direct mail campaign, as all our campaigns are tailor-made for our clients. A direct mail campaign costs somewhere between $0.5 to $1 per unit, with much of this cost depending on whether you can provide your data or if we need to buy data from a broker.

How does Oppizi provide value for money?

So, with all this in mind, what makes Oppizi different? Why should you choose to work with us? There are many reasons, so let’s assess what we can offer you!

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Quick and easy planning process

When you register your interest in our services, you can book a call with one of our experts. In this call, we’ll aim to build a great understanding of your goals, who your audience is, and how you want to measure the success of your campaign. From there, you’ll enter a comprehensive planning process with multiple meetings, efficient communications, and expert advice. 

Oppizi Self-Serve

Alternatively, you can choose to complete your campaign via Oppizi Self-Serve. Our cutting-edge platform is unlike anything else on the market, as we provide you with complete control over your flyer distribution. You can use our flyer builder to produce a professional-looking design, select precise locations for your missions, and monitor your campaign in real-time. Furthermore, you’ll be able to view automated cost estimates throughout the planning process, so you’ll always stay within budget. 

GPS tracking

We’ve created a streamlined dashboard that allows you to follow your campaign as it plays out. You will be privy to live location tracking, pictures, and videos to ensure your campaign abides by our exceptional standards. 

Monitor KPIs 

Do you think flyers are challenging to track? Wrong! With Oppizi, you’ll be able to follow 14 critical KPIs – including CPA, ROI, and conversion rate – in the moment. Not only can you monitor these metrics, but you can also assess your potential new customers’ behaviors, as you’ll be able to view when and where your flyers are most effective. Our dashboard updates these figures automatically so that you can avoid the data-management headache.

Sustainability promise

From carbon-neutral printing to maintaining an eco-friendly workforce, we pride ourselves on upholding sustainability within our operations. We understand that sustainability can be a significant concern when investing in quality flyer distribution, which is why we are continuing to build a company that benefits the environment in the long term. We have invested in a partnership with World Land Trust and the Viet Nature Conservation Centre. We are working to conserve 20,000 hectares of Vietnam’s tropical forests through this partnership.

Are we right for you?

Indeed, whilst Oppizi is more expensive than many other custom flyer distributors, we have a lot to offer. If you think we’re the right custom flyer distributor for you, contact us today – we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and set you on the path to flyer distribution success!

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