How much does an Oppizi flyer campaign in Germany cost?

How much should your campaign cost? We’ve got the answer! Indeed, we believe that when you choose your flyer distributor, you should be able to make informed decisions every step of the way. This means you should receive clear and concise information about everything – including prices. 

Henceforth, we have created a blog that will provide you with all the details you need to understand how much a flyer campaign in germany with Oppizi will cost. So, join us as we explore Oppizi’s prices!

Hand to hand flyering

As one of the most popular forms of flyering, hand to hand distribution is undoubtedly a channel to consider. This method is impeccable for reaching consumers en masse within one specific location. Be it a park, a street, or at an event, your flyers will connect with customers in a way that cannot be matched, and as a result, your brand will be lifted to another level. 

At Oppizi, a hand to hand distribution mission costs between €90 – €100, with at least ten missions needed for a campaign. Our distributors will pass out 400 – 600 flyers, with this figure depending on the size of the campaign and the city you choose for your mission. In addition, our brand ambassadors spend up to three hours on a mission, so you can trust that all your flyers will be handed out.

Door to door or letterbox distribution

Door to door – also known as letterbox distribution – is a form of flyer distribution that meets your target audience at their homes. Particularly effective in areas local to your business, door to door distribution has helped many companies to achieve their brand awareness and customer acquisition goals. If you want to build this for your business, then door to door is the flyer distribution method for you.

In a similar vein to hand to hand flyering, door to door delivery missions last up to three hours, with our distributors delivering approximately 800 flyers to your clients’ homes. As such, door to door or letterbox distribution costs approximately €90 – €100 per mission.

Additional costs 

In any flyer campaign, there are some additional costs, ranging from printing to incentives. These costs are directly related to your campaign – they are entirely bespoke, as is the rest of your campaign. Consequently, it’s impossible to provide exact costs here, but we will provide estimates so you can know how much your flyer distribution campaign will cost. 


At Oppizi, we use carbon-neutral printing methods, which somewhat increases the cost of printing. The cost of printing also depends on the number of flyers, the format of the flyer, and the quality of the paper you choose. For example, the paper’s grams per square meter (GSM) dramatically impacts the cost, increasing the price by up to 20%. 

Whilst we aim to keep our costs as low as possible, we also prioritize quality, as we want your campaign to be as impactful as possible. Thereby, you can expect printing costs with Oppizi to fall somewhere between €0.07 – €0.15.

Distributor incentives 

Unlike many flyer distribution companies, we offer unique financial incentives to our brand ambassadors. We do this as evidence dictates that financial incentives dramatically increase motivation. 

Typically, we’d recommend a bonus of at least €1 – €2 per conversion – meaning that when you receive sign ups, app downloads, or orders, the brand ambassadors receive a small bonus. What’s more, we can help you to forecast a conversion rate for your campaign, and from this, we will calculate the perfect bonus budget for your brand ambassadors. 

How does Oppizi provide value for money?

Our Purpose

With the help of innovative technology and automated procedures, we have brought flyer distribution into the modern age across three channels: door to door, hand to hand, and direct mail. You should be able to create marketing campaigns that have both an immediate and sustained impact – you should have the opportunity to reach your customers in a tangible way. 

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Utilize our experts or invest in Self-Serve

With Oppizi, you have two options: work with our team or use Oppizi Self-Serve. The first option – collaborating with our experts – will provide you with a wealth of support throughout your Oppizi journey. You will have access to industry-specific data, advice, and tools, whilst we create your campaign from scratch.

On the other hand, Self-Serve provides you with complete control over your campaign. Through the one-of-a-kind platform, you will have the ability to craft a flyer distribution campaign in minutes. Additionally, our flyer builder tool will guide you through designing a professional-looking flyer. Easy!

Track and Manage 14 KPIs

Oppizi boasts an impressive campaign management platform through which you can monitor 14 crucial KPIs – including CPA, ROI, and sign ups. That’s right; you won’t have to outsource any management services! We pride ourselves on having your back. 

With the tap of a button from anywhere in the world, you can view your campaign in real-time. From observing brand ambassadors’ live locations to receiving pictures and videos of your flyer distribution, we believe our clients should have complete transparency during and after their time with us. 


At Oppizi, we strive to provide value for our clients, hence why we provide an end-to-end service filled with support, advice, and data. Our campaigns are designed to achieve success – to smash your goals. Everything we do has you in mind. 

If you’re looking for a flyer distributor company that prioritizes your needs, has a successful track record of creating effective offline marketing campaigns, and has a pristine reputation, look no further than Oppizi.

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