How much does flyer distribution cost in France?

Your flyer distribution campaign is unique; with Oppizi, it is crafted to match your business and goals. We use advanced technology and creative solutions to connect with your audience – but how much does it cost? And, more importantly, why are these costs in place? We have the answers!

This blog will explore the ins and outs of flyer distribution costs at Oppizi and how the price impacts a campaign. So, join us as we delve into the intricacies of mission prices, brand ambassador bonuses, and much more…

What channels do we offer?

At Oppizi, we have several channels available for your flyer distribution campaign. Each channel can be shaped to your ideas; for example, you’ll have various locations to select from as the backdrop for your campaign. From hand to hand to direct mail, let’s dig in and explore the prices of each medium.

Hand to hand flyering

A basic hand to hand mission costs €82 per mission, allowing our brand ambassadors to distribute between 600 and 750 flyers in a high-density location, such as a high street or at an event.

Hand to hand flyer distribution offers something extraordinary: the ability to connect with your potential customers face-to-face. As such, this is an excellent option for businesses targeting busy areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as shopping centers or busy streets. It’s important to note that this price does not include printing costs and incentives for the distributors.

Door to door distribution

Door to door missions are another popular option for flyering campaigns, with prices starting at €105 per mission. During a door to door mission, our brand ambassadors will distribute 1,000 flyers in a specific neighborhood. 

This option is great for businesses targeting a specific demographic or reaching residents in a particular area. It’s a highly localized form of distribution – meaning it’s handy for advertising within locations close to your business. 

Direct mail

Direct mail is a highly effective way to reach a large audience and promote your business or product. Prices for direct mail depend heavily on the type of campaign you choose, as well as the volume and urgency of the mailing.

Typically, prices for direct mail campaigns vary between €0.80 and €1.20 per flyer sent. This cost can include printing, postage, and any other expenses associated with the campaign. What’s more, we have perfected the art of targeted direct mail, and therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your flyers are reaching the right audience. 

All these prices include permanent access to our platform, from which you can plan and monitor the campaign. Our team will handle everything from campaign planning to delivery, reporting, and recommendations. 

The additional costs of flyer distribution

Of course, there are a number of additional costs which may vary depending on your campaign’s specific needs and requirements. Printing costs, for example, are susceptible to the volume of flyers printed and the printing settings used. To get an accurate estimate for your flyering campaign, it’s best to consult a professional marketing company like Oppizi. 

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Printing costs

Printing is one of the main costs featured in a flyer distribution campaign. It is something that you will need to take into consideration before investing in offline marketing. However, we factor in the cost of printing to the overall price of your campaign – so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing printing!

The primary way to determine how much it will cost to print your flyers is to check the GSM of the material used. GSM – grams per square meter – means the weight of your brochure; the heavier the flyer, the higher the cost.

Brand Ambassador bonuses

Unlike many other flyer distribution companies, we work to motivate our brand ambassadors throughout your campaign. Henceforth, we allow you to opt into providing brand ambassadors with financial incentives whenever they achieve a conversion – meaning when someone signs up to your website, buys an item, or scans the QR code.

We’ll determine the best brand ambassador incentive by forecasting a conversion rate for your campaign, and based on this number, we’ll identify a fair bonus. 

How we provide value

Our prices tend to be higher than those of other companies – so how do we live up to these costs? It’s simple; we aim for excellence every time. 

Combining your ideas with our data and expertise will create an entirely bespoke flyer distribution solution designed to elevate, promote, and showcase your company in a shining light. Not only does this draw in consumers, but it also allows you to take your brand global thanks to our international connections. 

Moreover, Oppizi is home to one-of-a-kind technology. Nowhere else will you be able to access, monitor, and manage 14 KPIs in one place. Indeed, our platform streamlines every step of your offline marketing strategy, so you don’t need to worry about juggling multiple spreadsheets. You can also view your campaign in real time and share the data with your colleagues – easy! 

Join Oppizi and achieve success

Demystify flyer distribution and surpass your marketing goals with Oppizi. We’ll provide you with end-to-end support based on your goals and our wealth of industry-specific data, and we’ll do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what matters most – your business. 

Offline marketing should be in your marketing strategy; why don’t you try it out? Contact us today, and we’ll set you on a path toward flyer distribution success!

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