What is the cost of an Oppizi flyer campaign in New Zealand?

Is flyer distribution an effective marketing strategy in the 21st century? Absolutely! Flyer distribution is a fantastic way to reach new audiences and build brand awareness; it can also help you establish your business uniquely and tactilely. Flyers are an invaluable marketing tool – but we understand that the cost of flyer distribution may cause concern. 

Indeed, flyer distribution shouldn’t be opaque. You should have up-to-date and correct information that allows you to make an informed decision, so we have created a blog covering all the key points about flyer distribution cost – let’s dive in!

What services do we offer?

In New Zealand, Oppizi maintains four offline marketing channels: hand to hand, door to door and direct mail distribution services. Each distribution method has its own costs, with such prices being dependent on how you want your campaign to be produced. 

The cost of flyer distribution doesn’t have to be complicated, so let’s take a look, one by one, at each of the channels mentioned above. 

Hand to hand flyering

As one of our most popular channels, hand to hand flyer distribution has consistently provided exceptional results for businesses across New Zealand. If you want to connect on a personal level with your target audience, then hand to hand marketing is perfect for you.

The standard price of a hand to hand mission at Oppizi is around $125 for an average number of flyers between 350 to 550. Our team of expert brand ambassadors will distribute your flyers – meaning you don’t have to worry about finding volunteers or taking time out of your busy schedule!

Door to door distribution

Door to door distribution is a personal communication between you and your client as your message goes straight to your customers’ homes. It’s a simple yet effective form of flyer distribution that, with Oppizi, marries traditional flyering with contemporary marketing techniques. 

Just like hand to hand distribution, door to door flyer distribution costs $125, with the number of flyers distributed ranging from 350 to 550 depending on the chosen city for your mission. A mission lasts for up to three hours, and in this time, our brand ambassadors will deliver your flyers to homes with laser precision so you reach the perfect audience. 

Unaddressed and addressed direct mail

Direct mail is exactly what it sounds like – flyers being distributed via a postal network. How exactly you want your direct mail to run is up to you. Unlike many flyer distribution businesses, we make sure that our direct mail campaigns are entirely trackable, transparent, and tangible.

As such, the price of a direct mail campaign with Oppizi varies greatly depending on the volume of flyers being distributed and the geographic location of the campaign or mission. These prices also fluctuate depending on whether the campaign is in an urban or rural area.

What are the additional costs of flyer distribution?

Depending on your budget and how you choose to navigate flyer distribution, there can be many extra costs, including printing. At Oppizi, printing costs are included in the final price of your campaign, as we cover printing for you!

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The cost of printing 

Printing costs are determined by two factors: the materials used and the printing method. 

The weight of the material used directly and significantly impacts the price of printing, as the thicker the paper, the heavier it is. GSM – grams per square meter – plays an essential role in the durability of a flyer; therefore, the higher the GSM, the higher the cost. For example, an A5 leaflet can weigh between 100 – 300 GSM, with the heavier weights increasing the price by up to 20%.

Moreover, at Oppizi, we prioritize sustainability. We use carbon-neutral printing methods and ensure that our printing partners are FSC members or World Land Trust affiliates. This does increase the cost of printing – but it also aids in the fight against climate change. 

The Oppizi Brand Ambassador bonus

Motivation is vital to a successful flyer mission, so we provide you with the great option to reward your brand ambassadors with financial incentives. It’s a simple way to guarantee that your campaign will run smoothly!

With each conversion, the brand ambassador will receive a small bonus. This bonus is carefully calculated based on the forecasted conversion rate; consequently, the reward is unique to your campaign. 

How we create value

Offline marketing should have a place in contemporary marketing strategies; not only does offline marketing offer an abundance of benefits, but it’s also measurable in a real-world context. In essence, you can see how your business truly impacts people’s lives, not just their digital profiles. 

At Oppizi, we exude an infectious passion for marketing – once you try our method, you’ll keep coming back! What’s more, our offerings differ from other flyer distribution companies as we embrace the digital sphere. You’ll be able to track your campaign as it takes place through GPS technology, photos, and videos, and your metrics will evolve via automation as your campaign progresses. Flyer distribution has never been easier. 

Work with us

Engaging with offline marketing will level up your entire strategy, but working with Oppizi will transform your business into a marketing powerhouse. Why not contact us today and begin the path toward offline success?

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