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Why is Oppizi more expensive than its competitors?

Money: it’s a taboo topic that companies rarely discuss – but at Oppizi, we believe in complete transparency. 

While researching flyer distribution companies, you may have noticed that our prices are slightly higher than others. So, why is this? Why do we charge more than our competitors – and how do we provide better value?

In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of pricing at Oppizi and break down what goes into creating a campaign. From managing metrics to impressive results, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your campaign!

The cost of a campaign with Oppizi

As far as flyering companies go, Oppizi sits around a medium price point, with the cost of an Oppizi campaign including planning, printing, and distribution. As we produce bespoke campaigns, it can be challenging to provide exact numbers of projects’ costs, especially as prices vary from country to country. However, if you’re looking for an estimate for your campaign, you can check out our handy cost calculator!

A breakdown of costs 

Printing and production

Depending on the quality and production process, printing can range from a few cents to dollars per flyer. For example, we use carbon-neutral printing to prioritize and implement sustainability within our operations. 

Carbon-neutral printing, while eco-friendly, tends to be more expensive than other printing methods; however, ensuring that the production process is as green as possible makes this cost worthwhile. 

Additionally, our prices vary depending on the country, as we use providers within those countries. For example, in Australia, we use Acorn Press, an Australian-owned business based in Sydney.

Distribution and the brand ambassador bonus

Once again, the cost of such services depends on how your campaign runs, such as where you hold your missions, how many missions you book, and how many flyers you want to distribute.

A mission lasts for three hours; during this time, our brand ambassadors will aim to reach as many people as possible. In the U.K., a mission costs approximately £80; in Australia, a door-to-door mission costs around $120. We have created a series of blogs highlighting the prices in each country that you can find on our website!

Additionally, we offer a brand ambassador bonus – meaning you can reward the brand ambassadors for achieving conversions. This is optional, but we’ve consistently seen fantastic results for those who opt into this incentive! As such, we’ll help you determine the perfect amount per your results and budget.

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Why do we charge this?

At Oppizi, we provide our clients with a top-notch service that offers complete transparency. As our client, you can access metrics such as Engagement Rates, CVR, CPS, GPS tracking, geo-performance, A.B. testing, and more via our platform. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Best practices based on our internal data.
  • An operations team dedicated to optimizing your campaigns.
  • A focus on delivering the best results to increase your return on investment.

Indeed, our service is unmatched by our competitors, thanks to our Brand Ambassador app, which is effective in recruiting, vetting, tracking, and rating brand ambassadors. Additionally, our Oppizi portal allows clients to monitor their campaigns in real-time, providing complete transparency.

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Amelia Walker


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