3 local marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

Local marketing strategies to boost brand awareness

Local marketing isn’t just reserved for those who have a brick and mortar store; it can help any business looking to establish their brand in a specific geographical location. 

No longer do businesses have to rely on passing footfall to convert customers because, with the help of smartphones, the customers are accessible 24/7. And people use their phones as they shop; in fact, 82% of mobile shoppers conducted ‘near me’ searches online, according to a recent survey. So your brand needs to position itself to take advantage of relevant local searches.

Here are three local marketing strategies for your business to test out.

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Make your business the obvious local choice with Google reviews

When customers are searching for something you can provide them with, you need users to pick your business from a lineup of other local businesses. It’s competitive out there.

So how do you compete? Make sure all your contact information is accurate and actively collect customer reviews.

Collecting reviews should be something that’s built into your customer journey; make it an automatic process. You can send out automated review emails with a direct link to your Google review page to make it as easy as possible for customers.

Google My Business

By collecting Google reviews, your business

  • becomes the obvious choice amongst the local competition
  • you get a chance to learn from customer experiences and improve your products by listening and actioning feedback
  • AND collecting and responding to Google reviews can boost your local SEO

Get involved in the community to appeal to consumers

To make your mark in the community, you need to show your face. And that means getting involved in community activities (without selling to anyone). 

For local customers to fall in love with your business, you need to show up consistently. Some great ways to do this include sponsoring a local amateur sports team, taking part in supporting local charities — use any opportunity you can to get your brand out there and associated with some great causes.

72% of today’s consumers want brands to be positive contributors to society. So go out there, and do some good, build a name for yourself within each community your business is in.

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Take marketing back to basics with flyer distribution

Every time we unlock our phone and browse online, we’re bombarded with adverts. And although advertisers and their algorithms are getting smarter, and ads are more relevant, it can still be overwhelming.

Humans are social beings; we crave connection, even with brands. Almost two-thirds of consumers want brands to connect with them, and when they feel that connection, they’re likely to spend 57% more with that brand.

If your brand embraces traditional, face-to-face communication, you can start building that connection customers want. 

Here at Oppizi, flyers are distributed by brand ambassadors donning your branded t-shirts, clued up on your product and offers. They’re incentivised, so your campaign is destined to convert customers and spread brand awareness far and wide.

Interested in learning more about how it all works? You might find this useful: How easy is it to manage a flyer distribution campaign?

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Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker