4 Ways Flyer Marketing Can Compete With Online Marketing

If flyer marketing is just as measurable, as manageable and as effective as online marketing, why wouldn’t you be dabbling in it?

Traditional forms of marketing are historically known as impersonal because it doesn’t allow for direct interaction between consumer and brand — and that might be true for billboard, radio and print advertising. But flyer distribution is different. Not only does flyering include street leaflet distribution, direct mail and more — it’s a form of advertising that enables brands to communicate one-to-one with customers.

P.S. According to DMA, 48% of consumers respond to leaflet advertisements, so why wouldn’t you consider reaching your audience in this simple and clearly effective way?

Still not convinced? In this blog, we’re showing you four ways flyering can easily compete with online marketing.

1. Not everyone is doing it

Almost 30% of marketers are pouring money into online marketing, which makes sense; we’re all shopping online now, particularly since COVID. But soon, we’re all going to be let loose and experience outside socialising once again, we’re going to go shopping, meet friends at bars and have meals out together — remember all that?

But even while we’re all still locked down, we’re walking the streets, window shopping — all just to get out of the house for a little while. And as people roam, you could be taking advantage.

Flyering is a tangible form of marketing, unlike anything digital can offer you; it’s marketing that other brands aren’t capitalising on right now, which opens up great opportunities for your brand to get out there and step away from the crowd.

2. There are no distractions with flyering

If you’re messaging is clear and your design is eye-catching, customers have no alternative but to look at it. But if they’re scrolling online, they’re batting away pop-up ads left, right, and centre; they’re distracted.

With flyer marketing, the distributor approaches each customer singularly. As a brand, you have their undivided attention, and they leave the conversation with physical marketing material. With online advertising, you hope and pray they remember your brand name and your messaging.

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3. You get instant feedback

With many online marketing tactics, you’re hoping your wording draws customers in and makes them want to click. But if they click and bounce off or decide not to click at all, you’ll never know why.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone told you to your face why they didn’t like your brand or your marketing offer? Well, that’s pretty much what you get with flyer distribution — it’s a two-in-one job. You’re marketing to the customer, but you’re also receiving real-time feedback, just like a focus group. Imagine how useful it is to find out why people aren’t interested in taking your specific flyer? All this data can help inform your future marketing campaigns for the better.

4. Face-to-face communication converts better — it’s been proven

Although we’ve probably been enjoying the ease of distanced meetings on Zoom this past year, nothing beats in-person communication. Not only can you read non-verbal cues much easier, but it’s also been proven to convert better. According to a report by MPI, 40% of prospects converted to new customers via face-to-face meetings. The distributor’s personality can help make selling to customers much easier and more effective than an online ad, we’re social beings, after all.

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Nicolas de Resbecq