Automating the Signup & Onboarding Process of the Brand Ambassadors?

Creating a platform to link brands with brand Ambassadors is at the core of the service we offer. However, this process can be quite tedious & time-consuming. These automation tools have allowed our teams to be more organised, liberated from onerous data entry tasks & has enabled a streamlined recruitment process across all countries.

The Challenge

Our operations teams were faced with the challenge of processing a large number of applications in a short time span as flyering campaigns can occur from one week to the next. Initially, we did not have a standardised recruitment process across all of our cities, and hence information was all over the place, not always up to date and easily lost. Our aim was to achieve a level of standardisation across all cities and countries and allow for a smoother signup/ onboarding process for potential Brand Ambassadors.


The integration of Streak & Zapier have successfully automated our talent recruitment process. Streak is a CRM tool which allowed us to classify the candidate database and easily move them throughout the recruitment process, with the added bonus of an existing Gmail integration. However, the challenge was still not resolved due to the fact that processing large numbers of applications can become a time-consuming task. This is when Zapier came into play. Zapier is an integration software that helped automate each stage of communication with our candidates and hence lead to more productivity within the company as well as making sure the best brand ambassadors are selected for our clients.

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Our new recruitment process no longer has the need for manual inputs from our team. Automations were set up to seamlessly move candidates through the different recruitment stages and keep applicants informed with regular updates. Now, with just two clicks, we are able to move a candidate through the recruitment stages seamlessly, while sending out automatic emails to inform them of their current stage. These automated emails include when an applicant is not reachable, to when an appointment has been scheduled, to welcome emails which ensure a clear and informative onboarding process.


The result is fantastic – a quick and smooth recruitment process both internally and externally. We have a database with accurate information, with little room for human errors due to manual data entry. Our teams time has been freed up and they are now able to focus on other operational tasks. Most importantly, we have ensured a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Applicants are better informed and are easily and more frequently updated on which stage they are in.

Arthur Favier


CEO of Oppizi, is a forward-thinking leader deeply passionate about marketing technology. His mission is to revolutionize offline marketing on a large scale in today's predominantly digital landscape. Through his vision, Oppizi aims to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels, offering advertisers comprehensive solutions which resonate with audiences across various touchpoints.