Covid-19: Adapting Your Acquisition Strategy Through Direct Mail

A particular challenge has arisen for those businesses that previously engaged with customers in the public realm (think fundraisers in shopping centres, flyer distributors on street corners, or out of home advertising). With streets and retail outlets remaining quiet in several major cities as the public is asked to stay home, opportunities to engage with potential customers have inevitably shrunk. Last month’s Australian retail sales were down 1.5% compared to July, suggesting that even as restrictions ease in many parts of the country, retail foot traffic is still down. Moreover, many of us have noticed that previously busy city streets across the nation have still not returned to the thoroughfares they were pre-Covid. As a result of waning public exposure opportunities, online advertising has predictably become a higher priority for businesses (although some are still wary of committing additional budget to marketing at all). Potential customers are flooded with options online, so how can you stand out from the crowd?

Engaging Consumers at Home

Enter, Direct Mail. In a world where people are staying home more than ever, there has never been a better time to engage a potential customer on their own turf. Direct Mail has of course been an advertising option for businesses in the past, but what’s different now? First off, the presence of a captive audience. This year has involved people around the world learning how to shape their lives into a tighter mould, for instance remaining within 5km of their residence, or by foregoing travel that would normally take them interstate or overseas. Likewise, research has highlighted that since the introduction of Covid-19 restrictions, nearly half of Australia’s working population has spent time working from home. Aside from the short-term impact of this shifted work environment, many have theorised that this will lead to an ongoing trend whereby organisations are increasingly open to staff working from home. Direct Mail is therefore a great way to engage with an increasingly hard-to-reach consumer.

Furthermore, in 2020 consumers are more comfortable engaging with, and buying from, brands that they have never had face-to-face exposure to. A well-designed, informative Direct Mail leaflet can effectively educate potential customers about what you do, and generate interest in your product or service. Direct Mail advertising can be seen as a ‘happy medium’ between cost-effective (but over-saturated) online advertising, and more expensive, traditional marketing methods.

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Oppizi’s Direct Mail Client Portal

Here at Oppizi we acknowledge the value in creating a personal connection between brand and consumer, which is why our marketing experience and technology will allow you to connect with your target audience through Direct Mail distribution. We are revolutionising direct mail marketing in Australia by offering our clients unparalleled insight into the progress and success of Direct Mail distribution operations.

Oppizi’s client portal is an all-inclusive, dynamic tool that will allow you to utilise:

  • Targeted Geographical Planning
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Real-time monitoring of your KPI’s through campaign dashboards & Live Conversions
  • Audit Reporting & Optimisation

The design of your direct mail material is also fully customisable, to align with your campaign goals. Take two of our recent direct mail campaigns for example;

  • Jimmy Brings – Brand Awareness Campaign – Sydney July 2020

Alcohol delivery service ‘Jimmy Brings’ partnered with Oppizi in July 2020 to improve brand awareness across the Sydney market. Using direct mail to distribute magnets over the course of a nine week campaign, Oppizi reached 175,000 people on behalf of Jimmy Brings. Jimmy Brings’ brand is bold and easily recognisable, so it was important that the client’s direct mail material aligned with other marketing streams.

  • Goodlife Health Clubs – Acquisition Campaign –  Brisbane September 2020

In September, Goodlife Health Clubs used Oppizi’s direct mail service to launch an acquisition campaign in Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs – The campaign reached more than 3000 residents across Brisbane’s northern suburbs. As one of Australia’s best known fitness organisations, Goodlife Health Clubs’ direct mail artwork was cohesive with existing branding, and included a special offer to attract new members. Custom offers on Direct Mail leaflets are a great way to give customers an exclusive deal on your product, as well as providing measurable data that will appear on Oppizi’s client portal.

If you’re intrigued about how you can utilise Oppizi’s Direct Mail distribution platform to target customers or generate brand awareness, we’d love to hear from you.

Arthur Favier


CEO of Oppizi, is a forward-thinking leader deeply passionate about marketing technology. His mission is to revolutionize offline marketing on a large scale in today's predominantly digital landscape. Through his vision, Oppizi aims to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels, offering advertisers comprehensive solutions which resonate with audiences across various touchpoints.