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Germany: How much should direct mail cost?

Germany provides an ideal market for businesses seeking to connect with consumers through effective marketing campaigns. Among the numerous strategies available, direct mail is a powerful and trusted method to reach and engage target audiences.

Understanding the dynamics of direct mail pricing in Germany is crucial for businesses and marketers looking to tap into this market and make the most of their budgets. In this blog, we’ll unlock the secrets of direct mail prices and lift the veil on why these costs exist. 

How much will your direct mail campaign cost?

Mailing lists: Obtaining or renting a mailing list can sometimes be expensive. A list of 1,000 targeted recipients can cost between €100 and €200, depending on the granularity of the demographics you choose.

Design and printing: Depending on the design, paper quality, and printing technique, the cost of design and printing can range from a few cents per piece to several euros per piece. For example, 1,000 copies of a simple standard postcard printed on standard paper might cost roughly €50.

Postage: The postage rate varies in accordance with the weight, size, supplier and destination of the direct mail piece. For instance, sending a regular postcard might cost about €0.3 – €0.33 per piece. 

Value-added tax: In Germany, most products and services, including direct mail services, are subject to value-added tax (VAT). The current VAT rate is 19%.

Planning your campaign and budgeting

Effective campaign planning and budgeting are critical components of any successful direct mail mission in Germany. Before diving into the execution stage, developing a solid plan that aligns with your objectives is essential, as this can help you stick to your budget.

Start by defining your campaign goals: increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving conversions. From there, research your target market’s preferences, demographics, and behavior to inform your campaign strategy.

Your campaign’s cost will depend on your choices – for example, whether you choose to work with an outsourced graphic designer or one in-house. As such, when it comes to budgeting, you must consider the various cost factors mentioned above. It’s crucial to strike a balance between cost and impact, in essence, ensuring that your budget supports the desired outcomes whilst maximizing return on investment. 

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The financial burden of your campaign ties into the way you want your campaign to operate. Consequently, a direct mail campaign in Germany costs somewhere between a few hundred euros to thousands.

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