3 Gaps Offline Marketing Can Fill

1. You reach a different demographic

Although it feels like everyone is online now, that’s actually not the case. According to an article published by The Independent, more than five million British people have never used the internet. So by not considering offline marketing, you’re potentially missing out on these customers. 

Everything is focused on online marketing, budgets are focusing on online spend, and offline marketing budgets, if they’re there, are being used to build brand awareness front and centre stage with TV, radio, or billboard. But what about flyering, car hangers, and direct mail?

These are offline tactics that can help you reach directly into front rooms, start discussions within households, or instigate conversations with customers face-to-face on the street. We’re social beings, and if you were approached by a brand ambassador for a brand you were genuinely interested in discovering more about, you’ve got no distractions; it’s just two people talking, it becomes more personal. It reconnects us with traditional advertising.

2. Reach people who use ad blockers 

If your target demographic is aged between 16-24 and 25-34, your ads might not be getting through to them — because they’re most likely to use ad blockers. How can you get your message across through an ad-blocked platform? Well, you can’t. 

People are blocking ads because they’re annoying, which is understandable — how many ads do you close as you’re browsing around on a daily basis? Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads daily. And alongside the required ‘allow cookies’ pop-up, coupled with a ‘sign up to our newsletter’ pop-up, you can see why users are fed up with stuff springing up on their screens.

This is where offline marketing, namely leaflet marketing, can plug that ad-blocker-shaped hole in your marketing efforts. Leaflet marketing is an experience that’s over in seconds, yet the customer walks away with physical marketing materials. If your design is on point and your messaging impactful, you’ve got a pretty good chance of converting them — or capturing their interest, at least. 


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3. An offline marketing campaign gives the possibility of ultra geotargeting 

We all understand the importance of local marketing. Google has recently launched a new UK-wide campaign with boxer Anthony Joshua. The campaign highlights the importance of buying and supporting your local high street in a post-COVID world. Local marketing helps all brands — from the smallest boutique shops to household names — to make an impact in the local community. But local marketing extends past Google My Business.

Flyer distribution can unlock the possibility of ultra geotargeting; think right outside your storefront or restaurant (or the radius surrounding it, just like we did with Eataly). Marketing so close to your business means passing trade can increase quickly — you’re removing barriers to sales, you’re making it simple for customers to engage with your business. They’re right outside, so they can make a snap decision to drop in and mooch. Or, at least for their next visit, they’ll know exactly where you’re located (and that you exist).

People make snap decisions. And being there in front of your business, armed with an offer or discount, will make the most of your flyer distribution campaign.

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Nicolas de Resbecq