Seven Ways to Increase Sales with Flyer Distribution

Printed flyers are one of the fastest and most affordable ways to maximize your sales. They work well for all types of businesses and niches. They are simple, easy to read, and can be printed in bulk quantities.

Why is Flyer Marketing a Good Technique?

Flyering marketing can be utilized to its complete potential by identifying a few knacks. Let us start with understanding the different ways in which flyers can work for your business.

Flyers Capture Offline Customers

Capturing offline customers can significantly boost your sales. Offline customers increase the value of your business and offer a competitive edge. 

Creating flyers are the ideal way to capture customers who are less tech-savvy, have lesser access to social media and other digital channels.  

For instance, the elder generation may not have the resources to browse and find local businesses such as, nearest pest control service. A flyer at their doorstep can help such people immensely.

Flyers Are Hard To Ignore

Customers come across chunks of information online every day. There are so many promotions and too much clutter. Did you know an average flyer will remain up to 38 days in your house? Around 45% of the recipients keep leaflets in their kitchen or a pinboard and 9 out of 10 recipients actually are happy to receive such mails from retail businesses via direct mail marketing. This further adds to the process of brand awareness. The probability of finding an interesting offer in the overcrowded online space is not very likely.

Professionally made flyers, on the other hand, are tangible. They are a physical notice of an event, a business, or a seasonal sale in a nearby store. It is very unlikely that someone would ignore a flyer without reading its content.

Flyers distributed on streets often make their way into handbags and are noticed at a leisurely hour. People would investigate the content of the flyer even if they chose to trash it. 

Flyers Grab Attention Quickly

The attention span of people has become shorter in recent years.

How often do you ignore a promotional email? How often do you skip advertisements while watching a video?

The answer is probably always! There is so much information in the virtual world, and the chances of being overlooked are high.

Flyers, on the other hand, are visible elements with attractive colors, interesting pictures, and concise messages. They tend to convey the key message within the few moments of attention they receive.

For instance, it takes only a few seconds for people to notice a high-quality image of a well-decorated home to learn about the new furniture store in the neighborhood.

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Flyers Are Good Reminders

Sometimes, people do not realize that they need a specific service or a product until a solution comes along.

For instance, a new cleaning service in the neighborhood may remind a homeowner of his neglected garage. A discount coupon from a restaurant delivery app on a busy Monday can make their day. And A brightly colored flyer with high-quality images of Hawaiian pizzas at $5.99 on a Friday night is a definite sale.

‍Tips to Increase Sales with Flyer Distribution

Tip #1: Choose your Target Audience Wisely

Understanding the target market is the foremost step for promotional success. To understand your target market, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Identify the needs that can be satisfied through your business.

Example: Assume you are in the pet grooming business. Pet owners can save a lot of time while you take care of their companions.

Step 2: Start by considering the wider market. Narrow down the market by using relevant parameters such as location, average household spending, cultural background, etc.

Example: Pet owners are most likely to find local business that offer pet grooming services within a few miles. Use geo targeting techniques to locate neighborhoods with a higher number of pets. Use other parameters such as type of pets, household spending capacity, etc., to further narrow down your target market.

Step 3: Develop the buyer persona through specific demographic profiling.

Example: Your buyer persona could be “people with pet dogs and cats, willing to spend $150 every month”  

Step 4: Finally, think about how to make a sales flyer that appeals the most to your target market.

Example: Your flyer could give a discount coupon and offer the first free service for all pets. Also, consider the most effective way to distribute flyers among the target audience. 

Tip #2: Reinforce Your Message

The Rule of Seven states that an average person needs seven impressions of an advertiser’s message to take action. The rule applies to flyer distribution too.

Assume that you print 6000 copies of your flyer and cover a big community consisting of 6000 houses (one copy per house) in a single day.

Alternatively, you can choose a smaller neighborhood consisting of 2000 houses. Now, distribute 2000 copies for three consecutive weeks within the same neighborhood.

The second strategy has a higher chance of delivering better sales results. The 2000 households are familiar with your brand and services. The people are most likely to associate themselves with your company if the need arises.

Tip #3: Determine the Frequency of Distribution

The frequency of how many flyers you distribute depends upon the nature of the business. For instance, if you are an institution offering music classes, the start of the academic year will be a good time to start the flyer campaign.

Make your second round after a month when students have settled into their respective classes and are looking to engage with some extracurricular activities.

Tip #4: Monitor and Track Your Campaign

The outcome of your flyer marketing campaign must be tracked continuously. Results at every step must be monitored, and the required changes must be incorporated into the following campaigns. There are two approaches to track the ROI of your flyer campaign.

At Oppizi, we help customers plan, monitor and track flyers for their business needs. Our first of the 3-step approach incorporates mapping your target audience and their physical location, finding the scope of your campaign, choosing suitable flyer format and finalizing on the discount offer.

In the second step, you can check your campaign rollout real time using our advanced technology. Our API facilitates GPS tracking and accurate check-in time updates. 

If you think offline channels restrict the advantage of campaign tracking, wait till you work with us. Our dashboard and reports come with easy to understand features that help you track your campaigns very easily. Analyze the success of your promotional flyer campaigns and measure the ROI with our advanced algorithms that do the heavy lifting for your business. 

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Click to book a demo version

‍Tip #5: Integrate your offline and online marketing channels

Multiple touchpoints with your brand will enhance brand recognition and recall. It will increase the level of engagement between the brand and the customer.

For instance, use an email marketing campaign to send out your message. Track the people who open and engage with the content of the mail. Follow this up by sending a flyer over direct mail to the interested customers. The flyer may include a reinforcement of the email campaign CTA or can offer a customized discount offer for the buyer.

The reinforcement of business messages by combining online and offline channels can yield good results.

Tip #6: Invest in a Good Design

A well-thought-out design has the greatest impact on the customer. To attract more people, you need to approach your flyer design responsibly. Here are some simple tips.

  • Use large or group illustrations or images. Large images grab better attention than small, scattered ones.
  • Use font types that are easy to read. Mix different font styles to make the message more prominent.
  • Use a matte or glossy finish to preserve the quality of images used in the flyer. A good quality flyer speaks about the reputation of the brand too.
  • Avoid too much clutter.
  • Take a minimalistic approach with your sales flyer ideas. Remember, the person holding your flyer has only 3 or 4 seconds to absorb the message.
  • Add a unique element to the flyer. For example, if you are a deli, think about printing a flyer that is shaped like a roll or burger.
  • You can include a CTA (call for action) that takes the customer to one or more of the online platforms of the brand (another instance of marketing channel integration).

Tip #7: Find a Good Distribution Partner

Hire a flyer distribution partner to plan and roll out your flyer campaign. You need a distribution partner for the following reasons.

  • They provide a team of well-experienced brand ambassadors. The brand ambassadors are well-trained and monitored throughout the campaign. 
  • They provide various technology solutions that can be used to track the progress of your campaign.
  • They help in measuring the results of your campaign.
  • They offer live tracking of the campaign to ensure optimal usage of flyers.
  • They help you to track important measures such as CPA (cost per action), conversion rate, and average redeem time of a flyer.
  • They propose creative ways to distribute flyers.
  • If you lower your campaign costs, it allows you to focus better on your core business activities.
  • Finally, they play a very important role in determining your target audience. 

Final Words

Amidst a multitude of digital resources, people continue to pick up flyers from their letterboxes with a few guaranteed seconds of attention. Flyers are the most affordable marketing tools that work for small and big businesses.

However, it takes a well-planned flyer marketing strategy, a good distribution partner, and a few flyering tips to enjoy minimal costs and optimal ROI.

Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker