The Best Places to Distribute Flyers for a New Business

When you open up a brand new business, you’ll want to advertise it as soon as everything is set up and ready to go. Many people find the advertising part the most difficult when opening a new business and where to find the right target audience because no one knows the best places to advertise. 

But you might be overthinking the advertisements and big displays when all you need is a flyer and the best places to distribute flyers. With that in mind, where are the best places that you can hang flyers to target audience?

Here are a few flyer distribution tips that you can use to promote your business with direct mail flyer marketing.

The Park:

This is a great place to start when you want to distribute flyers around the local area that you live in or where your business is based. You can hand these flyers to people that you pass at the park, you can hang them up on trees, and sometimes you can hang them up on a fence around the park if there is something like that in your local park. However, you should know that this would require permission from the park officials.


A lot of people visit the local library, even if it isn’t something that you find yourself often doing. Suppose your business is something that would succeed most with the help of parents, teachers, elderly residents, or more intelligent people. In that case, the library is a great place to hang flyers to start advertising because this is the exact crowd of people that you will find here.

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Newspapers and bulletins:

If you have a newspaper stand in your local area, you can ask to leave your flyers there for people to find and pick up as they walk through town. If that isn’t an option, you can buy an ad in the paper and insert flyers inside of newspapers insdead of posting flyers in every household to avoid door to door solicitation. This means that it will be printed out and shared with thousands of people at once.

Alternatively, you could find your local town bulletin and hang up a few flyers there. Bulletins are usually the best places for people looking for employees, babysitters, and a place for people to promote new and local businesses, so this is a great place for you to start.

Other businesses:

In the case that you don’t know where else to turn when you aren’t getting the promotion and clients that you want at the locations listed above, you can always reach out to the other local businesses in your area or in cities surrounding your local area. 

There are plenty of businesses that are more than willing to help you when trying to find the best places to distribute flyers for a new business.

Businesses that allow you to distribute flyers on their property?

If this is a route that you are interested in looking at, you will need to find businesses that allow it. There are many out there, and it is important that you find the right ones. Here is a list of businesses that usually allow outside promotion from local and small businesses looking for a startup following:

Coffee shops:

If the coffee shops are locally owned, you will most likely be able to share a few flyers with the customers there, and you should also be able to hang a few flyers on the wall. If the coffee shop is a big branded one, you might still be able to promote your local business, but you should ask first as you don’t want the employees getting into trouble.


If you have any boutiques in your area, you can definitely hang your flyers and pass around a few printed flyers there. These are small business owners just like you, and they know how difficult it is to promote something new from scratch. They will be happy to help pass around the flyers to people they have coming into their boutique every day.

Supermarkets and grocery stores:

Supermarkets are where many people hang up new flyers for businesses, and you can also ask the store if you can set up a table in the corner and pass out flyers yourself and tell people about your business as they shop. This is a great way to get the word out if you have some free time to stand around a grocery store or supermarket and explain your business to those interested.

Restaurants and bistros:

Locally owned restaurants and bistros will always be more than happy to promote your new business, as long as it isn’t trying to compete with their business. If this is the case, this should probably be a location that you avoid promoting so you don’t make any enemies.


If your business is something that wouldn’t look out of place being promoted at a pharmacy, this is a good place to hang flyers. A lot of people visit the pharmacy for their weekly medicine and other items for their homes, and this business always allows people to promote their own, smaller, business via flyer distribution.


If you aren’t worried too much about bringing in a big crowd with your flyers, factories around your city or town are always a good place to promote your business. These factories are sometimes pictured in news stories, and people visit them for tours and job opportunities. While you might not get a lot of promotions right away, you will gain them with time. Just make sure the flyers stay fresh.

The gym:

If you have a lot of gym fans in your town, you might want to hit up your local gym. There is always a place in a gym where you can leave flyers for people to grab on their way out, or a place where you can hang it up, usually a bulletin-type board on the wall of the office. Find your local gym and hit it up for some free flyer distribution.


A laundromat is a self-service laundry space. This is a great place to hang flyers as you’ll often find this place occupied, especially on the weekends. Once people put their clothes and bedsheets in the washing machines, there’s nothing much to do except waiting. You can utilize this opportunity to distribute flyers and maybe strike up a small conversation about the business.

Gas Stations:

Gas stations are a great choice of place if you want to post flyers about your business. You can walk up to the people coming to the station for a quick refill and give them the flyers. If people have the time and want to learn more about your business, it’s a bonus.

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With residential and commercial high-rise buildings coming up rapidly, the need for elevators in most buildings is unavoidable. With due permission, you can visit such places to hand over business flyers to the people using elevators. 

Reception Area:

Whether you are in a hotel or a convention center, such buildings’ reception or lobby areas can provide you with an excellent opportunity to place flyers. While people wait to check in to their hotel rooms or attend any program, you can use the time to introduce people to your business. 


Subways are yet another suitable location for flyer distribution. There are thousands of people using subways to commute from one destination to another. You can find a good spot there and hand out your business flyers to the passersby. 

Bus Stops:‍

Bus stops should also be in your prospective list of places for flyer distribution. A majority of the people in any part of the world commute through public transport and you can always find people at the bus stop. Choose a bus stop situated in a popular locality to get access to more people and hand them out your flyers.

What do you do if none of these options work?

There is one last alternative you can turn to if you aren’t finding any luck in the places mentioned above. The Chambers of Commerce can help you reach out to all of the local residents and businesses in your area so that you can grow your business easier. This is usually the last resort for people as there are many steps you will need to go through in order to have this work properly, and give your business the promotion that it deserves, but it is an option that is available if you can’t seem to get the others to work with you.

Know the rules to distribute flyers

Don’t hang them in places they do not belong under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter if the place that you want to put your flyers is one of the most popular places in your city or town. If there is a place that is off limits, you need to respect it. A lot of cities and towns have different rules so it is always best to check in with your local Chambers of Commerce, your city hall, or the local authority to see what you should and should not be doing while trying to distribute flyers legally.

If you follow all of these steps, there should be no reason you can’t get any promotion for your new business. Just remember to stay dedicated, restock and replace flyers where it is needed, don’t push them onto people who aren’t interested, and don’t overstep your boundaries. The rest will come to you easily with time.

Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker