The Gig Economy: How Much Are You Making?

But as it turns out that not all gigs are created equal.

Initially, casual earning platforms can seem relatively similar- sign up to an app or website, go through a vetting process, and once approved choose when to perform a job. But look a little closer, and you’ll see some differences. Gig economy platforms vary in the kinds of jobs offered, the time of day you’re able to perform tasks and, of course, earning potential! Earning potential is a huge factor in choosing a gig- you’re forgoing some of the security that comes with permanent employment when you exclusively use casual earning platforms, so you need to make sure that the jobs you’re taking on are bringing you the income you need to thrive. Many companies operating in this field utilize a payment structure that considers several factors to calculate payment per job; for instance an UberEats delivery payment is composed of a pick-up fee, a kilometer/mileage fee and a drop-off fee. These fees can vary depending on which city the driver is operating in.

So let’s take a look at what you stand to earn across several of the major gig platforms.

We have all the big names for you to compare, but keep in mind that for many gig economy jobs earning potential will vary greatly depending on location, government regulations, related costs and so on.

This table has a lot of numbers, and with so many companies using similar payment structures (while keeping average hourly rates vague) it can be difficult to figure out who you want to work with.

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We believe that one of the highlights of partnering with Oppizi as a Brand Ambassador is transparency of earning potential and an easy-to-understand payment structure. When signing up to a flyer distribution mission, a Brand Ambassador always has full visibility of the base rate for the mission, as well as details of any bonuses the client may be offering (for instance, an additional $1 bonus for every person who uses your flyer to sign-up to the client’s service or purchase their product).

Remember, as well as considering average payout, the gig you choose should also be a job you can see yourself enjoying! If you’re a foodie, going from restaurant to restaurant as a Deliveroo Driver may be the perfect gig (one where you can scope out your next take-out spot while you’re at it). If you’re an outgoing person that loves meeting new people, Oppizi would love to chat with you about becoming an Oppizi Brand Ambassador!

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