The main players in the U.K. flyer distribution Industry

Flyering, also known as leaflet distribution, has long been a popular marketing strategy employed by businesses, political campaigns, and various organizations in the United Kingdom. As such, flyer distribution companies serve as the backbone of the industry. They offer comprehensive services that encompass printing, targeting, and of course, distribution. 

However, some companies stand out, and a select few have risen to the top of the industry. Be it for their unique technology-backed solutions or premium customer service, and we’ve decided to celebrate the best of the best. Let’s dive in!

Letterbox Distribution

For almost 30 years, Letterbox Distribution has been at the forefront of the offline marketing industry. By combining cutting-edge technology with its wealth of experience, Letterbox Distribution takes a pioneering approach to its speciality: direct mail. 

However, the company’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there. Letterbox Distribution has revolutionized a range of distribution channels, including door to door drops, targeted addressed mail, and handouts!


Working with Letterbox Distribution offers enormous benefits; its services include design, printing, and distribution, providing a complete end-to-end service. Moreover, they utilize regional and demographic information to create targeted campaigns that optimize results. 


Whilst Letterbox Distribution offers nationwide coverage, its solutions primarily focus on London. As such, consumers may choose to work with a company that provides more national and international approaches. 


In its 36th year of business, DOR-2-DOR is a key contender within the U.K.’s flyer distribution network. In 2022 alone, the company worked with over 9,000 clients and distributed over 80 million leaflets. 

Known as a powerhouse, DOR-2-DOR has launched two other ventures, DOR-DROPZ and D2D-Print, achieving equal success. Moreover, the company continues to grow, with franchises appearing increasingly across the U.K.!


If you’re looking for a bespoke, comprehensive service, then DOR-2-DOR is the company for you. Professional, reliable, and cost-effective, DOR-2-DOR can walk you through design, printing, and distribution hassle-free. Indeed, the company has an impressive 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot, and it’s clear to see why!


DOR-2-DOR operates through franchises, and as a result, quality may fluctuate depending on the area. An additional consequence is that the company only covers select postcodes in the U.K. 


Founded in 2006, StreetPR was designed to fill the gap in the market that existed for well-trained promotional staff and hosts for events. The company snowballed, and its services evolved to include data capture, lead generation, and flyer distribution.

Since its inception, StreetPR has worked with clients across the United Kingdom and has delved into a plethora of industries, such as fitness, nightlife, and retail, to name a few. The company is committed to providing a premium service and, as a result, has acquired over 1,000 customers. 


StreetPR is home to a diverse range of services; in addition to leaflet distribution, it offers guerrilla marketing, experiential marketing, and employee promotions. Consequently, StreetPR has an impressive reach and can distribute flyers in high-traffic areas, like concerts, train stations, and shopping malls. 


Looking at the company’s website, it is clear that there is a lack of pricing information. However, this lack of general data is thanks to the company’s tailor-made solutions. Furthermore, as the company focuses on promotional activities, flyer distribution is not its primary speciality.

Leaflet Distribution Team

Leaflet Distribution Team offers a full range of services, including printing, design, and distribution. As such, the company has become the largest distributor in London and the South East, delivering over 1,000,000 flyers every month!

Thanks to its services, clients benefit from drastic improvements in leads and sales, with a guaranteed return on investment. Leaflet Distribution Team is a shining example of a successful flyer distribution company!


The company offers fully targeted and trackable solutions, meaning your campaigns will meet the right audiences. On top of this, Leaflet Distribution Team provides market research demographic mapping and postcode identification. 


The company distributes flyers in London, meaning those focused on national and international markets may choose to go elsewhere. Despite this, Leaflet Distribution Team has driven over £200 million in direct marketing revenue for its clients!

The Direct Mail Company

A leading mailing firm and expert in direct mail marketing, The Direct Mail Company offers services for both U.K. and international direct mail fulfillment. In addition to direct mail, the company supports leaflet distribution and unaddressed mailings, with printing included. 

Unlike many others on this list, The Direct Mail Company can take your brand overseas – so, whether you want 500 or 500,000 mailings sent, The Direct Mail Company is the one for you!


The company offers several premium services and is trusted by internationally recognized brands like Expedia, Trivago, and The Direct Mail Company has worked with businesses of all sizes and understands how to create perfectly bespoke solutions depending on audiences, goals, and expectations. 


Customers have previously reported issues with communication and problems with customer service. Despite this, The Direct Mail Company has received multiple five-star reviews, with praise for the quality of their leaflets.


Expand your clientele with JogPost, London’s top flyer distribution company. JogPost provides affordable and effective door to door, B2B, and hand to hand leaflet distribution solutions, with its goal being to uplift its customers. 

Unsurprisingly, the company has attracted several prestigious clients, including Pizza Hut, Transport for London, and Dominos, and has achieved a 4.8-star rating on FreeIndex. If you’re looking for a London-based firm, JogPost should be on the list!


97% of consumers say they’d use JogPost again – when working with them, you can be sure you’ll receive excellent customer service and a high degree of satisfaction. JogPost also does not shy away from technology, which has helped it to optimize its services and further benefit its customers. 


JogPost is a London-centric company, meaning that if you want to run a national or international campaign, JogPost will not be the company for you. Further, the company’s business model is centered around jogging, so if inclusivity is a priority for you, this may not be the best option, especially as its distributors’ speeds are monitored!

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Flyer distribution continues to be an effective marketing tool in the United Kingdom, offering a direct and tangible way to connect with consumers. From professional, nationwide flyer distribution companies to local advertising agencies, each player in the flyering industry contributes to the success of marketing campaigns in their own unique way.

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