The top flyer distributors in Australia: A comprehensive guide

Flyer distribution has long been a popular marketing strategy for Australian companies: it allows businesses to reach a broad audience, promote their products and services, and increase their visibility in the market.

However, not all flyer distributors are created equal – some have risen to the top and have become a defining force within the industry. As such, we have developed this blog to highlight the leading businesses in Australia so that you can make an informed decision about your service provider.

How do you select a successful flyer distribution company?

There are a plethora of ways to identify ingenuity and prosperity. Firstly, experience within the industry is a vital indicator of the flyer distributor’s knowledge and expertise in offline marketing. 

Secondly, you must consider geographic coverage, determining where your flyers will reach. Thirdly, customer reviews and testimonials are a fantastic way to gauge the quality of a business; ratings provide valuable insights into the distributor’s reliability, professionalism, and services. These criteria will help you to identify a flyer distribution company that will meet your needs and goals. 

The top flyer distributors in Australia 

To become a leader in the industry is a remarkable feat, which is why we want to recognize and celebrate those few companies that have risen to the top. 

The following flyer distributors have left their stamp on the industry – be it for their impressive portfolios or their devotion to client service. Let’s dive in…

IVE Group

Founded in 1921, IVE Group is a holistic marketing agency with serious staying power. Unlike many of its competitors, IVE Group has adapted to the trends and established itself as a clear leader in Australia’s flyer distribution industry. What’s more, the company offers an end-to-end service, complete with bespoke marketing solutions, a professional team, and a passion for delivering goal-breaking results!


IVE Group is the most popular flyer distributor in Australia, meaning you can be sure you’ll receive a premium service. With over 100 years in the industry, IVE Group boasts abundant experience and a wealth of knowledge that can help you achieve your goals. 

In addition, IVE Group is highly popular among consumers and has earned a positive reputation within the Australian market. Indeed, when working with IVE Group, you will be treated to a comprehensive and productive process that culminates in fantastic results. 


As IVE Group is the nation’s primary flyer distribution service, its prices align with its exceptional skill set and diverse offerings. In essence, if you’re on a tight budget, IVE Group may not be the company for you; but, IVE Group is undoubtedly worth the investment!

Streetfighter Media

Do you want to work with a contemporary and forward-thinking marketing company? If the answer’s yes, Streetfighter Media is the one for you. The company, which specializes in temporary outdoor marketing, is fearless in being bold – to defy convention. The company’s devotion to creativity has driven it to the forefront of the industry and solidified it as a key contender. Unsurprisingly, Streetfighter Media has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and developed an extensive portfolio of impressive projects!


Streetfighter Media is a brand you can trust. With clients like McDonald’s, Amazon, and KFC, it’s clear that Streetfighter Media is a company that focuses on generating innovative campaigns destined for success. Also, it is held in high esteem by its clientele and has received dozens of glowing testimonials. 

Moreover, Streetfighter Media is home to a selection of services, ranging from letterbox flyer distribution to posters, chalk stencils, digital billboards, and more. It is guaranteed that they will have a service perfect for your needs. 


Streetfighter Media primarily targets major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. If you’re looking to target more rural areas, Streetfighter Media will send a team to the location. However, in this instance, you may opt for a local company to cut costs and save time – but no one has mastered creativity like Streetfighter Media!

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At Oppizi, we believe that companies should be celebrated for their achievements, and Streetfighter Media and IVE Group have earned their spots at the top of the ladder. Both companies produce trackable, cutting-edge marketing campaigns that allow customers to connect with audiences across Australia without a hitch.

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