What Makes Oppizi Stand Out to Brand Ambassadors?

How Oppizi differs from other marketing companies

Are you tech savvy and you have enough to receive your promo gigs via text or email? Here’s finally an app that will allow you to book and choose promo missions that you like. You are now able to decide when and where to work.

Oppizi is a marketing tech company specializing in hand to hand and letterbox flyer distribution. Download the app and start browsing and picking different missions. Keep your flexibility with work, do more!

Opportunities to work your way up to higher positions within the company

What does being a brand ambassador involve? As a Brand Ambassador you’re the face of a brand. Ambassadors represent a company’s brand by distributing flyers and using a “pitch” as a way to draw them in and accept a flyer. When Brand Ambassadors work hard, it doesn’t go unnoticed. A large number of our deserving Brand ambassadors progress as mystery shoppers, team leads, and sometimes city managers to run some of our largest cities such as London, Sydney, or New York City.

Great for students, backpackers, and part-time employees.

With COVID, remote work is here to stay, the world is heading towards more flexibility in work, for employees, but also for other categories of workers, such as contractors.

The flexibility is what makes working for Oppizi so great! You can choose where and when you want to work, based on your schedule. Simply choose from the mission on the Oppizi app and schedule yourself to work the following week. It could not be easier! You will even get push notifications when missions become available in your city.

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

Expanding year over year

Oppizi has hit the offline marketing industry with force. After launching in Australia in 2014, Oppizi has grown to over seventy-two cities across nine countries (New Zealand, France, The United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and The United States of America). If we aren’t currently operating in your city or country, check back later as we are constantly expanding. At Oppizi, you can move across the country or across the globe and still work with us.

Whether you are a resident, student or a work visa holder, the opportunities to work with Oppizi are on a global scale. Oppizi operates in the US, UK, France, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. Thinking about a gap year? We have you covered!

Moving to a new city?

Not a problem. In the US alone, Oppizi has campaigns in 12+  cities and is always looking for talent. What could be better than moving to an unfamiliar city, and having a job when you hit the ground?  

Features of the Oppizi App

The Oppizi team has been working for years to create a user friendly app that’s geared towards the needs of the Brand Ambassador. From applying for the position, to checking your first payment, using the Oppizi app is a breeze! Brand Ambassadors can check to see how much they made that week, the time and location of available missions and everything in between. All you need is a tap of your finger!

Keen to do Mailbox dropping or Hand-to-Hand?

We have options! Depending on the client, country, and city, we have a few different options to offer our Brand Ambassadors. For our Hand-to-Hand campaigns, our Brand Ambassadors are positioned in areas of a city with high foot traffic, handing flyers to passerbys. When it comes to our Letterbox campaigns, you’re on your own, travelling by foot through neighborhoods and delivering our flyers into letterboxes, “putting your best foot forward”!

Represent some of the biggest brands

Oppizi has partnered with some huge name brands such as UberEats, Amazon, eBay, DiDi, Marley Spoon, Uber, THE ICONIC, ClassPass, Getaround, MealPal, and those are just some of our biggest clients. If you’re a fan of these companies, you’ll love being their Brand Ambassador too!

Navigating the marketing industry post-COVID

Since the wake of COVID-19, we have made numerous measures to ensure the safety of our Brand Ambassadors. For every mission booked, we supply a mask and a pair of gloves (PPE). We have also done free hand sanitizers for consumers as a give away with our flyers.

Arthur Favier


CEO of Oppizi, is a forward-thinking leader deeply passionate about marketing technology. His mission is to revolutionize offline marketing on a large scale in today's predominantly digital landscape. Through his vision, Oppizi aims to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels, offering advertisers comprehensive solutions which resonate with audiences across various touchpoints.