Who are France’s main players in flyering?

Flyering is a popular marketing strategy in France to promote events, products, and services to a large audience. With the rise of the marketing industry, there has been a significant increase in the number of businesses offering flyering services in France. These companies range from start-ups to established powerhouses, each with specific advantages and unique selling points.

But who are these companies, and what makes them stand out? Let’s find out – read on to unlock the secrets of France’s flourishing flyering industry!

The leading french flyer distributors


One such player in the flyering industry is StudentPop, a company specializing in student marketing. StudentPop leverages its extensive network of student ambassadors to distribute flyers on university campuses, reaching many students in a targeted and cost-effective manner.

Street Dispatch

Another popular player in the flyering industry is Street Dispatch. Known for its fast and efficient distribution services, this company operates on a large scale, with a network of experienced distributors who can cover all major cities in France.

Les Zafficheurs

Les Zafficheurs is a company that stands out for its unique approach to flyering. This company uses a combination of flyering and street marketing activations to create a more immersive experience for customers. This allows them to leave a lasting impression and drive higher engagement levels.

Flyering For You

Flyering For You is another player in the flyering industry that has a specific advantage. This company focuses on local campaigns, allowing clients to reach a precise audience in a particular area. This approach is ideal for companies looking to acquire a smaller, more targeted audience.

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Oppizi’s french operations

Oppizi is a marketing company that uses technology to provide offline services, specifically flyering, in over 30 cities in France. We specialize in door to door and hand to hand flyer distribution, and unique codes printed on each flyer allow our impressive AI to optimize distribution based on performance. 

Our clients have full transparency and control over their campaigns through a platform that provides in-depth analysis and competitive results. Indeed, our data-driven approach to flyering is innovative and has the potential to shake up the traditional industry in France, making us a top player in the market!


To sum up, France’s flyering industry has various players who provide different services and benefits. They can set up campaigns quickly, specializing in marketing to students, or combine flyering with street marketing. Each player in the industry has their own unique offering, and it is that very element that makes them stand out!

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